Members experiences of beginning to LD (was Hello, I'm new)

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Hello, I’m a 16 year old male inspired to try and start lucid dreaming. I first heard about lucid dreaming in psychology class when we were studying sleep, so I am very familiar with how REM and the sleep stages work. I have done much studying on lucid dreaming, about the methods and such, and I would like to try WILD. A few months back, I worked on dream recalling, and became very successful, but I lost interest unfortunately. Thought, I am re-inspired and off to a fresh start.

I have only had one lucid dream in my life (as far as I know) and it was many years ago when I was very young. I don’t know why I can still remember it, it must be implanted inside my hippo-campus (memory storage area of the brain :smile: ). I remember thinking about how it would be cool to recognize that I’m dreaming inside of my dream, and one night it happened, as soon as I recognized it I got excited and woke up.

Why I want to start lucid dreaming?

Well, I want to learn more about myself, and my subconcious, the unknown. I’m guessing it will give me more understanding and make me a happier person. I am also spiritual and so I think it would be neat to communicate with God inside my dream, with no external sense influences, just pure communication. I am also curious about OBEs. Someone told me that he had a dream where he left his body. He became very sensitive to sound, and some articles on OBEs say this is common. He said it was one of te most amazing experiences of his life. It would also be cool to…ehem…live out fantasies…with…the oposite gender :happy:. Hahaha. I dunno, I just really want the ability to influence my dreams. I hope thats not selfish :confused:.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. This seems like a pretty good forum so I think I’ll like it. Please tell me about your beginning experiences, it would help alot!

:welcome: hello Slinger, welcome to LD4all :happy:

My first experience of brief lucidity was completely unexpected, I didn’t even know that LDs existed. I just suddenly realised I was dreaming and woke up with the “shock”.
Years later, the novadreamer was featured on a TV magazine programme and so I found out what lucid dreaming was and went on to experience a LD afterwards I was amazed at how solid the objects were in my dream.

1 year ago

I once realized that i am dreaming. I didnt knew that i can do such awesome dreams, so i came to DC standing near me and asked what can i do. He looked at me and i waked up.

Few days later

I readed topic about OoBE on forum about MMORPGS. I didnt really like that, but sometimes users was mentioning thing like LD. I got intereseted in that, i also found one polish forum about that.
But it was small, and it had weird methods.

But, i wanted LDs so much that i had two.
My effects was small, so i stopped be interested in LDing.

2,5 month ago

I had Lucid Dream. I realized that when i looked down, and i was flying ! From those time i never flied, but i found out OoBE topic on MMORPG forum. Nobody posted on it from half of year. So i googled “Lucid Dreaming”

first result :
Here i found out MILD technique that gives me a lot of LDs. I got some experience now, with big thanks to that forum.

Ok last night I had my first go at WILD. Something really weird happened…

I relaxed, and repeated in my head, “I am going to stay aware, I’m going to remember my dream, I am dreaming”. After a while, I felt dazed and saw colors, I think this was the hypnagogic state. As soon as I got there, my adrenaline starting pumping massivley and my heart was beating too fast to go to sleep. I tried again after that and I kept getting some tingling feelings through the back of my spine, though, no adrenaline like the first time. As I was try to reach the hypnagogic state again my right eye would always slowly open :eek: So I would shut it and start over but that kept distracting me. After that, I gave up and went to sleep :tongue: Though, I did remember my dream quite well.

Has anyone else got that adrenaline rush or know why I had it?

That happened to me the first three times I tried to WILD. I’ve never have a succesfutl WILD and I’m relatively new to LD. What I am doing now is doing RCs while awake and WBTB and improving Dream Recall.

Ok last night I gave WILD a go for the second time and I felt like I got so close, but I just couldn’t pass into the dream world. I got to the point where my body was completely numb, more so in my hands, and I concentrated on my breathing. I felt the surges of energy and at first my heart rate accelerated the first few tries. A while after that, I felt like I got so close at some points, but no go. So, I just rolled onto my side and thought I would try MILD. I did not become conscious in my dream.

Do you think a fan could be used for concentrating on the sound in WILD?