Memories of dreams compared to real life

I have been unfortunately living with what i think its bad dream recollection. Memories of my dreams don’t seem to compare to memories of everyday life. I am curious to know if other peoples dream memories can normally be as vivid or real as RL.

In my dreams i have trouble imaginging myself back in that situation, myself, unlike an actually memory where it is easy to picture yourself and the exact feelings and thoughts of the situation. Like my dream it was a story told by someone else, i find it hard to take myself back.

What do you think of this? is it just symptoms of trouble with remembering dreams well?

It will probably get better with time. I have no trouble remembering my dreams very vividly, usually it’s just as vivid as IRL memories and sometimes even more so. But that’s probably because I did something really cool in a dream :roll: But then again my memory is very visually oriented, I remember almost everything as images…

Hi Posmotri, welcome to the forum.

As jarod explains, DR can become better once you give it some time and start actively practising to increase it. There’s a lot of info on the main site about this, and also on the forum, for example here. I advise to read through this and check out some techniques you might want to try to help you get better DR. Good luck with it :smile:.

I wonder if I could test my waking life memory in a LD?

kavaa ofcourse you can, just try and see what you remember. This is actually a good way to increase lucidity!

It seems like it would wake me up easy. Ill have to practice it.

Hey thats what Ill do, that would be a good exsesise to stay lucid, because if you can keep from waking up while thinking about RL memorys, it should be easy to stay lucid when your not thinking about them.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I will work on my DR and let you know if theres any major breakthroughs or improvements.