Is it possible to move through a memory (or memories) in an LD and see much more details than you would by just reminiscing on it in RL? Like in Harry Potter when they go though Dumbledore’s (or anybody else’s) memories in the Pensieve?

I’m not sure if this could work. If you are trying to picture more than you saw in RL than your brain would just be making up certain things. But it would still be interesting none the less. :om:

I think you can replicate your memory through a dream but it would still be music lots of details or altered some… Still… it might be possible… I don’t have room to speak since I’m still working on my dream recall… >.>

it is possibl because i read somwhere that i guy had a probe in his head and if the doctor touched a certain point on his head with an electro magenic thing the guy had a complet flash back of a memory in full detail. :grin: