I think that you could look through your life by going into a recycling bin of your mind or something. I’ve never had a LD before but I think this could be a way to see memories or past lives.

Sounds like a good idea. Most things are stored somewhere, and hypnotists can often draw them out, so you should be able to do it through dreams, although I would worry that maybe I would be finding false memories, created for the dreams, but I’m sure real memories are accessible.

Ah yes Eidetic Memory, that would be an interesting thing to unlock if possible, if it is though i can imagine it would be a herculean task for the brain to perform, and even then would the memory/ability to have eidetic memory last beyond the LD? or would it sink back in to be recalled once again?

That said it is an interesting thing to do, to see my last flash before my eyes as it were.

There’s got to be a way to go through your memories. If you can remember your memories while awake, what’s the difference in a LD? Besides, in dreams, you can do anything, so wouldn’t that make it even easier?

Shouldn’t this be in Beyond Dreaming? Anyways, I don’t think it’s possible but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to do it in an LD (the past lives one).

I’d be worried too, my imagination is waaay to active for this sort of thing…it’s not going to stop me trying though… :content: