Memory Foam Pillows?

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if memory foam pillows increase dream recall. I got one for christmas. If no one knows what these kind of pillows are i will explain. Memory foam pillows are soft and probably the best pillow for comfort. Thats all i can explain. Well back to the reason i made this topic. Ok i got one of these pillows and i used it that night. I went to sleep and i had like 3 LD’s!! Although I didnt write them down because i didnt remember enough and their were things that could get me in trouble. So do these pillows help dream recall? If you want one of these pillows they cost around $20.

Well they probably make you more comfortable while you’re asleep. Being relaxed and comfortable supposedly does improve those things. So, who knows? ^^;

‘Memory’ refers to the type of foam, not the function of the pillow.

The pillow itself would not increase your dream recall.

Nevertheless, i will be buying one. I can never find a comfortable position for my head during WILD, so maybe that will help.

Ty for the info.

I’ve had one for some years, indeed, it’s really comfortable :yes: To say it gave me LD’s, i don’t know, but I can say that I sleep more comfortably, and like Kit also said, that might have helped me with dreaming more and thus getting lucid more :smile: Until the past 6 months, I never kept track of how much LD’s I have so I can’t say I had more after I had that pillow :smile: Sweet dreams! :dream:

I got one of these for christmas, and comfortable is definately not what it feels like to me lol. I find it too skinny and firm.

ddaudio19, it takes some time of getting used to :content:

Mine is big and is kinda hard but once you lay on it for a minute it molds my head in and feels like im on air. :content:

I just ordered a memory foam pillow from ebay… should be here by the end of the week. Horrah!

hehe, well i’m used to sleeping on 3 big fluffy pillows with my head way up lol… Maybe i’ll give it a second chance :tongue:

I got a memory mattress, not what we were talking about, but ive been sleeping like a pro, no ld’s, but i havent really been trying. I am officially making it my new years resolution to master ld’s. I shall start now, i am going to get some vitamin b6, get a dream journal and take care of some ld business.

They probably help you when you try a WILD or something like that because they get you more relaxed which makes it easier to fall into deep sleep.

But about the pillows making you have more LD’s, im not so sure. I guess the only way to find out for sure is to test them out.

I bought a memory foam pillow.

I don’t think it helps with LD. But it did help with minor neck pain.

I actually bought 2 different kinds. The first one was cheap and isn’t too great. The second one was a more expensive tempurpedic and it is better.