Memory Inside Dreams?

Does anyone ever have memories of other dreams while you’re dreaming? Last night I had a ND that I found the same mountain that I found in another dream. Is it weird to remember other dreams within your dreams? Of course in my dream I didn’t realize it was a dream I was remembering. Thoughts anyone?

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They are more false memories than anything. But I think there are two types of false memories. 1. The false memories you have of something happening that really didn’t and 2. The false memory being the one that only exists in a dream, such as what you’re describe now. What I mean by two, is having a memory of a place you have been to before in another dream (and that memory being true, as in you really did go to that place in another dream).

Personally, I remember them as places I have been to before, it is very rare for me to remember these places as places I have been to in a -dream-. For me these places exist in my dream realm, and I may revisit them. I totally understand what you are saying, though. I know a lot of people have this happen to them, too. In fact, some people actually visit these places when they are lucid, making their dream memories true, too :tongue: I usually call them dream memories, instead of false ones, because they did happen, just not IRL.

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Like Eilatan said, I have a lot of false memories in my dreams, but occasionally a real memory of a previous dream may sneak in (these dreams don’t have to be related).

In fact, I became lucid once because I randomly remembered a dream during a dream. That got me thinking about dreaming and all of a sudden I knew I was dreaming! It’s hard to identify the absolute false memories because they might be memories from dreams we’ve already forgotten.

Isn’t that great, to discover a cool place in an ND, wishing you could go back, and doing it once lucid? :smile: this kind of thing has happened to me, but then again ill have recurring dreams where I didn’t remember the entire place and setup until after I’ve woken up.