is it possible to ld and not remember it?

If i have an LD and forget i had it i’ll let you know :wink:


But to be serious, i think it is possible to forget some aspects of what you do in an LD. Heck, it may even be possible to forget the whole thing. If you wake up with a feeling that says ‘i think i might have had a lucid dream’ well, then there you go. Ive had that a few times. However, i believe that you can forget only low-lucidity ones. I dont think that with high lucidity (the reaching of normal everyday consciousness imo) that you can forget such the morning after.

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I agree. It’s possible to forget low level LDs, but unless you have some sleep disorder or an extremely bad dream recall, you should at least remember something of every high level LD you have.
Many LDs leave an emotional imprint when you wake up. Sometimes I have this characterizing feeling in the morning, but I can’t remember anything from the dream. I’m sure I’ve had a LD, but there’s nothing left in my memory… Such situations are pretty frustrating to say the least…
But those are only exceptions, so don’t worry :smile:

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fading out of lucidity and dreaming on for long makes medium-LDs harder to recall, but high ones I don’t think you can forget. just like those amazing vivid dreams, you’ll remember

I had an LD, woke up, couldn’t be bothered to right it down, and then forgot that I had had an LD at all three seconds later.
In the morning I had a sudden mental image of the LD, but the forgot what it was that I saw a couple of seconds later.
Later, I wrote the word, ‘wall’ and I rememberd the LD again :grin:. I can’t remember parts of it, but I can still remember it.

In dreams where I only become lucid for a couple of seconds, before losing it again, that is quite often the only part of the dream I can remember (apart from a second or two at either end).

But I think you can forget it. It happened to Fear I think. He had an LD, woke up, wrote down ‘lucid’ in his DJ and went back to asleep. And completely forgot the LD…

I had a lucid dream once which lapsed into a ND and I forgot it completely. Until I remembered it some hours after waking up.