Hi all,

Been a while since Ive been on this board, but throughout my time away ive been actively trying to LD. I’ve had a few this school year, flying around, having sex, but all were very short.
One question before i get started; the other night as i was falling asleep i was remaining concious and focused on my third eye. Images began appearing and eventually i fell into a more clear view of what was going on in my head (images). I then noticed a twitching of my eyes, some sort of action under my eyelid and realized that I was totally concious and aware that I was in rapid eye movement. It was so weird, and I’ve been telling my friends about it ever since. Just wondering if that has happened to ya’ll, and if there is anything else behind it.

Back to my topic, I have lately had trouble remembering my dreams, even worse off i have trouble remembering things in real life. Names are a longshot unless i feel a good connection with the person. I’m never one quoting a movie, just because i cant remember what exactly happened, sometimes even with the plot. Point is, i think my memory is not as prime as it should be for a 19 year old.

Ive been smoking weed since i was in 10th grade, now its probably a once of week type of thing. And ive been drinking 1-3 times a week since beginning of the last school year(College). Has anyone with similar habits experienced a poor memory? I am interested in understanding what to do to improve my memory which i feel will dramatically help my real life, but as well, help me in my quest of lucid dreaming.

Reading books? Special Diets? No more pot? No more drink? Any suggestions?


hej jiggaben! :smile:
Well here is what I think about your memory.
Although alcohol burns some of your brain cells, I think at the age of 19 you shouldnt really notice it yet.
I think its mainly your weed smoking.
Although you may not smoke as much anymore, THC takes really long time to leave your body. So smoking once or twice a week is just adding to the amound which is already there (corect me if I am wrong).
Weed is killing your short term memory cells, so you may just forget what you are talking about in the middle of your own sentence… :tongue: :tongue:
But here is the good news! Loosing your short term memory cells is just temporal… so if you take a break from it for a while your memory should get back to normal :happy:

Crossword puzzles, math, or learning new words off a thesaurus tends to help.

I heard somewhere that every time you get drunk before the age of something like 25 years old, it creates a small crater in your brain (as a result of killed brain cells).

I agree with Hradska, try to leave the weed alone for 2 to 3 weeks, let the THC be removed out of your body, and see what your memory does. My bet is it would increase a lot.