mental projection

I can’t say for sure if this is working as I suppose it should since I’ve got more experience in the obe-equivalent (doing the same thing while awake) and haven’t gained lucidity yet, but as far as I can tell from stuff I’ve experienced, it should.

Basically, once you’re in a dream and have gained lucidity, try shutting down all your senses (feeling, hearing, scent and taste) except for vision, thoughts and consciousness (or ego-sense). Think of it as doing a WILD while in a dream. It’d be best to do it slowly and watch out so neither vision nor consciousness fade - thoughts should remain automatically as long as the former two do, you probably don’t have to to consciously think something. If you manage to do that, you’ll likely gain a greater degree of control over your dreams, specifically it’ll be easier to stay in your dreams and you’ll probably gain lucidity more often, though I’m not entirely sure of the latter.

I’m interested in hearing the results of whoever tries this out.

I’ll write something about the obe-theory behind it in the beyond forum and put a link to it here - if you’re not interested in that kind of stuff, just ignore that part.

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