Merry Christmas, What are you wishing for?

It’s that time of year again everyone! Can you believe it?

The roads are congested, the stores are crowded, the lines are long, the stores shelves seem empty and out of stock, and the bank account is close to going into the negative!
Yay! i’ts Christmas Time!

I suppose my significant other and I have already blessed ourselves with an early Christmas present. We stood in line to get a Wii on launch day and have been enjoying it ever since. The week after we got a surround sound system to go with it! :cool:
I have already had a very Merry Christmas so I can’t ask for any more. If I got a card and a lump of coal on Christmas I will still be smiling … while slashing away on Zelda :tongue:

but if I were to wish for anymore I would ask for:

  • More Wii Points!! to buy classic games
  • Anything “Wii” really
  • New Super Mario Bros for the DS
  • a new Sonicare electric toothbrush … my current one is 7 years old … eww :neutral: … not the brushhead silly! I have changed it a few times over the years. :lol:
  • more rechargable batteries … I can never have enough
  • World Peace :grin:

X-files Season 6
Simpsons Season 6
Casino Royale by Ian Fleming(I wonder if his books are good)

That’s my wishlist this year

I’m getting the Wii myself together with my brother and if we are lucky it’ll come this friday (At least I’ll have a wiimote tomorrow) and if I’m unlucky it’ll come on wednesdat next week. (I don’t know when Zelda will come but I hope it comes soon to me)

That’s all for this year :smile:

I declare this topic politically incorrect!

Anyways…:razz: I want:

Axis: Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix
Between the Buttons by The Rolling Stones
Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) by the Kinks
Tenor Sax Stand
a Black Hoodie
a small Bible

I’ve got everything I need anyways :happy:

This week I got my new notebook and my new pocket notebook for the year of 2007. I also bought the cardboard and the coloured papers I needed to make the greeting cards I’m going to send eventually to my friends (to those from LD4all who are getting cards from me, beware: they will be late :razz:) (those who aren’t getting cards from me but would like to, this is the last call to ask for one; but: I’m only sending cards to legal grown–ups because I don’t want to get in trouble with unwarned parents) (I’m also making virtual cards for people underage who would like to exchange cards with me, but in this case I’m not giving my address either :tongue:).

What I would like for christmas? A new passport. There are so many countries I would like to visit… :smile:

Spending money for Japan.

Unlike most selfish people around here, I wish for world peace!

Okay actually I want a girlfriend and/or a guitar effect block :shy:

-“Okami” for PS2(Is not out in time for x-mas)
-“Myst” for PSP
-Satoshi Kon’s “Millenium Actres” on DVD
-The new expention pack for “Heroes of Might and Magic V” on P.C.
-A dragon
-Magical powers!

Edit: And a ticket to Japan.

Well, Santa has already been here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a list:

Oh yea, and world peace. :content:

I’m not really very bothered about getting anything for Christmas, all I want is some nice, quiet time to relax :content:

…besides, I’m going to buy a Wii after Christmas anyway :tongue:

i want money…for…a… MICKROKORG!! the one synth to spank them all. I am so in love with this synthesiser. Its so good and so cheap (Compared to others of similar quallity). I have watched all the videos on youtube with one in, i have read the manual online , i have read like a hundred reviews and i have spent probably about two hours total playing it in the store. I want one soooooooo bad.

One, I don’t have a wish list, and two, asking for world peace is such a cliché! :tongue: Pfft.

For whatever reason I’m not so hungry after material possessions at this time; not even the Wii. :roll: In fact, my sister wanted one, but I simply shrugged in apathy when it was mentioned.

I’m with Josh in this case—in fact, I can never have enough time to relax. :cool:

I want… I want… hmm…

  • a nice small pocket MP3 player
  • the album Empire by Kasabian
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 5 :smile:
  • to have a bit more successes with LD ;D

The wishes for world peace are totally unnecessary, since world will become totally peaceful place once I rule it! Muahaha! :wink:

Ipod video
pc games (that dont crash every 5 mins)
a new phone (as mine went thru the washer >< )
lotsa lotsa moneh :grin:
and either a ticket to athens or 2 tickets to atlantis :slight_smile:

well much more peaceful can you get when everyones dead :neutral: :peek:

Even though I already recieved the majority of my christmas gifts, this is some of the stuff I will treat myself to(of course I already gave gifts to everyone else!) after the holidays:

-2GB flash drive
-Some clothing(I hate clothes shopping :neutral: )
-College textbooks(unfortunately)
-Probably a PSP game
-New running shoes
-Sonicare toothbrush head (fantastic brush BTW)
-Some books I’ve been wanting

None of these things can beat being able to spend the holidays with your family though, after all, that’s where all your memories will come from, not the material stuff. Still though, I wish I could afford a powerful reflective-style telescope…Oh well, perhaps later. :wink:

mandolin woot
and i got it

YAY, I got:

*“Myst” for PSP
*“Heroes of Might and Magic: Hammers of Fate”-Expention pack for PC
*“Astid Lindgren’s Pippi”-The complite movie DVD collection (no cartoons :smile: )
*“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”-DVD directed by William Dieterle
*“Dream Signs” book by some person.
*“The Anime Companion” book by Gilles Poitras
*“Lord of the Rings”-The Bordgame
*A reading-light thing


yay! I got lots of stuff, and most stuff on my list!

-I got 2000 Wii Points
-a Wii “chill station” that has a cool blue glow, … powered by Wii’s USB
-Rechargable batteries!! :happy:
-I also got Tom Clancy’s Spinter Cell for Wii

… and I bought myself Rayman Raving Rabbibs … for Wii :wink:

We never celebrate Christmas with presents at home so I’m always a bit sad and jealous that other people are getting stuff…

So I was really touched and really happy when I got a present from my boyfriend and one from his family :slight_smile: A cooking book and an Asian dining set.

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you didn’t ask for.

did you do a RC when you saw that? :grin:

DA, i think you and magnus should have a wii addicts club :tongue:

Hehe, someone is addicted to wii :rofl:

After reading everything you guys said im almost thinking bout buying one myself :smile:

I got some books, Pondus and illustrert vitenskap abonnement, some clothes, 2 maiden CDs, can halen CD and Black Debbath Cd and some dvds :smile:

  • Some gifts on tibia !