Met a version of myself

So i had a dream last night where i met a version of myself. My dream started with me fishing (which is something I’ve never done before) then i saw a girl who i’ve met about four times in my life. So i start to walk towards her then i see her walking into the road without looking and i begin to run, then a bus turns the corner and is about to hit her but i get there in time and pull her out the way, getting hit myself in the process. I die. Then some time later i wake up on some sort of road with a path leading north and south, with fields of nothingness in every direction. Then i hear laughing behind me so i turn around to see myself staring back at me. I dont remember exactly what me/he said to me but i remember everything was in a mocking tone and questioning whether i’m walking the right way. The impression i took from the other me was that while he wasn’t a good person he wasn’t truly evil, he’d been corrupted by the world he lived in. I awoke soon after this an i’ve felt uneasy since.

I’ve always had unusual dreams but i’ve never spoke to myself before, i don’t know what to take from this dream :meh:

Hmmm…interesting. I’ve never met myself in a dream before. It could be your subconscious, or just a normal DC. It seems almost as if he found your rescue attempts amusing (at least, that’s what I pulled from it).

You don’t have to take anything from it. It was just a dream. It doesn’t mean you’re going crazy or that you have split personality.

In my first lucid dream, i became lucid after speaking with someone who looked exactly like me. I made a RC because I thought it was weird. I didn’t really converse with the guy so I don’t know if it was me.
It must be an interesting experience !

Hmmm…I did ask my dream characters if they are actually me or if they are a subconscious part of me, but they didn’t answer. For some questions they don’t give me the answer. I realized that at this point it is best for me if I am quiet and just observe them. I learn more and my LD is longer.

But sometimes they ask me questions, like they are curious about me. I find that interesting. Has anyone experienced this?

[color=darkblue]Seeing yourself in a dream isn’t that big of a deal, but it can be related to self doubt (if that’s the right term for it) in certain scenarios. At least from what I’ve seen.

The most impact-filled experience I’ve had with seeing myself was a time I tried meditating in a dream, opened my eyes, and a clone of myself was on the other side of the large column I was meditating on. I stood up, he did the same. I stared at him for a minute or so, and he walked up to me without saying a word, and hugged me.

I woke up that night feeling very comforted, almost like I was reassured about everything I was doing in life.

I don’t know, just thought I’d share.[/color]