Mi first LD

Last night I shared 1½ liter of homemade wine with a friend and fell asleep. I woke up at 7.30 this morning and i had to wait for him to wake up, we were at his girlfriends house and they were in the room next to were i had passed out, so i went back to sleep.
After a few really cool dreams, I started getting FAs were strange things happened. I had a feeling that i was dreaming, so I did an RC, I looked at my left hand and it looked something like this:

That made me sure that I was dreaming
I got a strong feeling in my whole body, that numb needle-like feling you get when your hand or leg falls asleep

i was floating and i tried to look at the digital clock next to the bed. it was difficult to see it because my vision was flying around in the room.
I tried to think of something cool to do while i was lucid, the only thing i could come up with was that nose RC, hold the nose and try to breeththrough it, but it didnt work. After a few more FAs, i woke up.

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I wanted to ask what your habits for RC’s in RL are … frequency, type, etc? I’ve noticed that of the several LD’s I’ve had, none have actually been through an RC in a dream.
Also, I guess you’re crediting yourself 1/2 LD in your sig either because it was short or not so high level, but I personnally figure that whenever you can say “That made me sure that I was dreaming,” that should count either 100% or at least 99.9% because I think it is the most difficult part by far. Once you realize it’s a dream, you can choose to use methods like spinning to extend it, which I have found a lot easier than just getting to the first stage of “This is a dream!”.

well… I try to do RCs as often as i can, but I always forget… when I think about doing RCs, i do one, and then i think “how long should i wait before the next one?” and then I find myself counting the seconds til the next RC… which is annoying, and as soon as i stop thinking about it i’ll forget, and hours later, it pops into my head and i get annoyed that i forgot. maybe i should get a watch that beeps to remind me.
I also do RCs every time I go to the bathroom. I’ve always had some kind of phobia that when i’m standing in front of the toilet doing my buissnes, I’ll suddenly wake up. that happens sometimes but fortunatly it doen’t make me wet the bed :smile:

The RCs I do are:
Hold nose and breeth
look at nose
test lightswitch if there’s one nearby
look at clock

I just remembered more of my LD: when i tried to think of something to do when i was lucid, i tried sticking a finger through my hand, but I stopped because it was to scary, then I tried to look at my nose but i couldn’t see it.

Ok, I guess it was 1 LD, I’ll change the sig :grin:

I want to have an FA too, it seems like most people are fully lucid then.
I tend to forget I’m dreaming and I’m not fully aware of what I’m doing.
I have had 3 LD’s and in the second one I killed a cop that looked like a real life Chief Wiggum in The Simpsons with the front wheel of my bike. And then I spat on him… I’m not a violent person :sad:

Good luck with your dreaming Hallström

I dunno christo,
Seems to me that much more often people find FA’s to be big teases because sometimes even after complete lucidity, you think you have woken up, but really haven’t, which basically just causes you to completely loose any real lucidity, because you no longer know that you’re dreaming.
The upside, I think, is that if you are careful to check, FA’s can sometimes trigger or continue lucidity. It’s all in what you do with it.
Oh, and, I’d bet just about anything that you have had FA’s … you probably just really thought you had woken up, and never really took notice and then forgot about it. :grin:

Hmm, that seems to be logical, when you put it that way, I am almost sure that I’ve had a few FA’s …

It’s the same strange feeling like my LD today/yesterday, I didn’t realize that I had a LD until my friend asked me if I had any.

Or maybe it’s just a false memory… :neutral:

Congratulations Hallstrom, thats a nice way to have your first Luicd Dream!

Liked your story :happy:

Hope u get soon more lds, good luck :happy:



had another one today, this one was less cool.
i looked at my hand, it was morphing again. i realised that i was dreaming, but i couldn’t see or hear anything or move. i woke up after a few seconds.
does this count as an LD?

Hallstrom you looked at your hand but u also say you couldnt see?
ehm can you make this a bit more clear?

I would say yes a ld, you saw your hand morphing and then you get conscious in your dream, it prob fainted fast and u woke up…something like that?


yes… I saw my hand morphing, after that, i couldnt see or do anything…
the same thing happened this morning. i was walking down the street, looked at my morphing hand and then everything went black and after a few seconds when i tried to move, i moved IRL, so i was awake, and dissapointed because i wanted to continue dreaming. :sad: