Micheal Jackson alive??

Whats going on with this whole Micheal Jackson tour. It never says tribute it says “Micheal Jackson Imortal tour” Anyone know what the deal is?


It’s by Cirque du Soleil you can even check the info.

They simply used an impersonator (not like he hadn’t a thousand already) that would do the dancing part. The singing will probably be in playback IMO.

My Goodness, Cirque De Soleil is doing a lot of tribute tours now, aren’t they? They just did one on The Beatles not too long ago.

Thanks for sharing this video…

I actually find this quite interesting…

I find it hard to believe that he is dead. He might
have just faked his death, to escape the media…

It would be amazing for him to make a return

Well one of his new songs called ‘breaking news’ definately has lyrics that hint towards him being alive such as “Just when you thought he was done,
he comes to give it again” and “everybody watching the news of michael jackson”
the song creeped me out when I started to overthink and find cryptic messages lol :neutral:

On a related note, an hypnotist friend of mine fooled a volunteer of his by making her think he really was MJ XD and she totally believed it! A stand-byer was laughing so hard at that and other stunts :rofl:

There is allso this… youtube.com/watch?v=qAPyw-vkRzM&feature=fvw

lol probs

It would be really cool if he would still be alive! :happy:
It wouldn’t surprise me if he just made everything up because he just was sick and tired of the media… :eh: