Mid-Night Refrence to keep the mind flowing, mind sleeping

Late at night sometimes i can not sleep so I wirte and this is a piece that i refer a refrence so i can not find misplaced feelings, I can always look back on this, so hear me out for a bit?:" Alright, finally it has Happen. I have taken the Fucking time to write down what going on, on my head. I finally felt that i need to record all these thoughts and feelings… So many words that can be explained on paper. This is my refrence . These words are my inspiration. My words might be dead, but brought to reconition.

That is what came from me that night, might see meaningless, boring, or just stupid … besides either opinon that moment written paper was true to me. So…

I often have these toughts I just have to write down just so I don’t forget them. But I never have a pice of paper or a pencil nearby. But these thoughts are too deep to publish here anyway.

You’d be suprise what you write down, that piece was just the start, soon you see your mind evolving and go into great depths. The greatest part was , i dont know what i am writing till after i read. So that means, i just let my pen write away and after the end of writing i read it and laugh. Its a good stress release, plus i just fall right to sleep and have such cool dreams.