MILD and interrupted sleep

I tried to use search to find similar posts but no luck so I will just hope I haven’t missed an obvious one :content:

A couple of days back I started using MILD before I went to sleep. Normally I have uninterrupted sleep, but seemingly since starting to use this technique I find that I wake up about 4am after 5 hours of sleep, and from then on can’t get more than about an hours sleep before I wake up again (continues until 7am when I get up)

Has anyone else experienced this in conjunction with MILD, or other lucid dreaming techniques? if not, I can write it off as a coincidence :razz:

I sometimes have this. I either wake up like you said or sleep the whole night.

I ussualy wake up first about 3.30-4.30 then sleep on and off before my allarm at 6

We naturally wake up after each REM phase (that is 70-90 mins long), but only few manage to be aware of it, and remember it. Mostly it’s caused by the will to remember dreams, and it’s very useful, as it sets you up for multiple WBTB easily :content:

I had a similar experience. I had affirmed myself to remember my dreams, and I woke up after each dream (well, after some of them at least) and remembered them very well. I wrote about six pages in my DJ that night. :tongue:
Your intentions can have a very strong effect on your subconscious, huh? :content:
It was a little taxing, though. I felt sort of tired the whole day, and had to go to sleep earlier than usual.