mild and wild HELP!

I try mild and it is hard to make images in my head. I seem to fall asleep unknowingly and wake up and be like damnit i guess i lost focus last night trying the MILD technique. Same thing for WILD i wake up in rem and seem to lose focus there too. Any suggestions on how to maintain the focus before losing it and drifting off to sleep?

How’s that dream journal of yours going? You should start with getting good dream recognition, and MILD and WILD should fall into place later. Also, don’t punish yourself for not having a lucid dream. It will happen, but if you get frustrated, it will take forever. I just suggest starting with DILD’s through your DJ and once you are ok at that start with MILD. WILD is quite hard for most beginners, and you should become a little more experienced before you try it. This is a good topic to read about DJ’s and getting started lucid dreaming.

MILD isn’t meant to keep you awake. Repeat a mantra a few times or set your intentions, then fall asleep. I also don’t recommend WILD for you at this point. I’d stick with MILD and WBTB for now. MILD doesn’t have to be images… it can just be something you tell yourself a few times before you go to sleep, not something you keep yourself awake or aware with. Also, if you’re trying WILD at bedtime, don’t. It’s very hard to do at bedtime, since your sleep cycle is at its beginning and you won’t go right into REM.

i also just go back to sleep and can’t focus at night. i think i would probably need to stay up longer for WBTB to be able to do that. but i don’t really have time to do that at night. which is why i use naps. naps are really good for me, i will WILD in almost all of my naps. MILD can also be used for naps.
but yes, if you’re are a beginner, don’t use WILD yet. it will just make you discouraged. you need to be experienced with relaxing and trance states to be able to WILD. so in the beginning it can be much, much too hard. save it for later :smile:

I just wanna’ be able to lucid dream frequently, i do RC’s and keep a DJ. What is a great way of doing this though WBTB and fall asleep listening to a binauraul beat or something?

I actually tried MILD last night, and it made me dream of a guy who told me about lucid dreaming. But I didn´t get lucid because I didn´t realize that it was strange that we weren´t in my bedroom. I thought I was awake :sad:

Don’t worry. Just getting someone to mention LD’s in a dream is a great start, it means the subject is stuck deep in your mind :grin: I’m sure you’ll get lucid soon enough. and welcome to ld4all! :wave:

I liked the idea of being able to lucid dream every night, but if you keep trying just to WILD then you’ll likely get discouraged and quit, resulting in exactly no LD’s.

Thank you! I´ll keep trying :happy:

Last night I talked with my grandpa about dreams. We’re on the same stage Nisse_!