MILD gone WILD and other problems

I’ve been having some odd problems with MILD recently and I’d like some advice. I’ve been trying the technique for about a week now, and every single time I do I seem to have the same problems. When I’m going go to sleep, I look at my third eye chakra and repeat something to the tune of, “I’m going to have a lucid dream tonight.” over and over in my head. Within about 10 seconds to 5 minutes, I start having sensations that would probably be associated with OBE, like SP and a feeling of movement. I’ve read that some of these are also things associated with WILD.
This would actually be really great if I could do something with it, like have an OBE or a WILD. But it does is keep me awake. Last night it was crazy. I had all kinds of odd SP, vibration, movement, etc. sensations, progressing as the night went on. Near the end, I felt like I was moments away from either an OBE or a WILD. But, it dissipated, and all that happened was I lost two hours of sleep.
Also, when I give up and just turn over and forget about it, I wake up the next morning to find that I’ve had absolutely no LDs. Not the slightest trace. Not even semi- or pre-lucidity. No mention of dreaming at all by anyone in the dream. I’ve been reading about LDs before I go to sleep, and I do MILD prettymuch until I fall asleep or give up, and I don’t give up easily, so it takes a long time and I lose a lot of sleep.
The occurences described above happen every single time I try MILD and I’m not so tired I can barely hold a thought when I go to sleep. My recall is not the problem; I wrote down a long dream in my DJ this morning, and I can usually recall at least one dream every morning.

What gives?

Oh! There are some very important things that I forgot to mention, the most important one probably being my eyes opening. When I’m going to sleep and trying to do MILD and it turns into coming close to a WILD or OBE (like always) my eyes tend to open. A lot. About every 10 seconds or so, while all this is going on, my eyes will start to open just a fraction, and I’ll think what I’m seeing might be the start of a dream, since it looks real, and then I just realise one or both of my eyes are open. Very aggravating and dissapointing. :grrr:
Also, near the end, I tried to induce visual hypnogogics to drive things forward. The audiotory hypnogogics where already there. I basically imagined myself doing things in an LD. Near the end, it started to get pretty good, and I would forget my body for a bit, although I wouldn’t actually be dreaming. Then I would just remember it again, and I would have to start over.

I really need some help with all this. It’s driving me nuts.[/i]

my personal opinion: you’re trying too hard

if i may offer a radical suggestion. go to bed and don’t do mild at all. just go to bed.

But I…but I…I…Just go to bed? No techniques at all?! [% AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

Just kidding.

Actually, that is an interesting idea, but since its what I used to do every night anyway, I don’t know if it’ll work, even if I am reading about LDing during the day. I do agree that it seems like I’m trying too hard, but I’m not sure what else I should do. I want to do something! Perhaps I can convince myself that not doing any techniques is a technique in itself. Hmm… No, I want to try some technique. There must be something I can do that’ll actually work. Maybe I should actually try doing a WILD, since I seem to gravitate towards them anyway. I’ll need a chance to do WBTB though. That might help.

[i]So there is a time to bring about tranquility, and a time to preserve tranquility; striving and nonstriving both have their methods. Acting according to the time, based on the proper method, being strong where appropriate, being docile where appropriate, by strength one effects tranquility and by docility one preserves tranquility. If one is able to effect and preserve tranquility, why worry that one will not be fortunate and not develop, and not accomplish the Path?

-Liu I-Ming (I Ching - 11 Tranquility)[/i]

Seriously, I think you should listen to oneiromancers advice. I quite often find that if I’ve been trying really hard to have and LD and then I just forget about it I’ll have one, this has happened a few times for me. So just give it a go, it won’t kill you :wink: .

Well, last night all I did was think about LDs a bit while going to bed. I don’t think I can avoid doing that anyway, I’d go off on that thought path involuntarily. Sadly, though…nothing. I had a very long, complex, odd dream, with almost no ground or basis in reality. And yet, still not the slightest smidgen of lucidity. I’m going to an overnight camp for a week starting on Sunday where I probably won’t have access to the Net, so maybe that’ll allow me to take a break from reading and thinking about LDs all the time. I’ll have a ton to do there anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll get one. :smile:

I read some advice on some site somewhere (dont ask) that told the following to get lucid: Go to bed with no intention to LD at all, just relax and sleep. Then do a WBTB after 6 or 7 hours and set your mind to LD in the time you are awake. Seemed to work for the author.

That is so weird. :wow:

I never saw that post before I wen’t to bed, Xetrov, but that is exactly what I did. Unintentionally. I wen’t to bed without doing anything, and I woke up exactly 6 hours later on accident. After I realised this, I paced back and forth in my room a bit to wake up, and then I sat down and wrote “I will have a lucid dream.” a whole bunch of times on a piece of paper. I unfortunatly couldn’t leave my room; my dad might see me and think I had gotten up for good, which would create all kinds of problems, so I couldn’t get on the computer and read the forum. I think the writing was the next best thing I could have done. Anyway, when I wen’t back to bed, I put a shirt around my eyes to block out the sunlight, did a bit of MILDing, tried to do a WILD, gave up, did somemore MILD and went to sleep.

And it worked. :cool_laugh:

I had two LDs that night, my first induced ones ever. I’ll go into it in more detail in a seperate post.

Good for you shift! :happy:

Yay! Congrats! :grin: See? Sometimes you gotta let it go and then you’ll be able to LD. I had the same problems then finally when I let it go, I get my LD skill back. :grin: Our brains work weird. Oh well. :content:

Shift, that article or post was on another site actually. And congrats on your LD’s! Btw i tried WBTB last night and i too had 2 LD’s, my 1st ones in 3 weeks! Yiha …