MILD help!

I recently got back into lucid dreaming, and I’ve been using the MILD technique. However, if i repeat my mantra in my head, and visualize the dream scene, I cant fall asleep. Also, sometimes I’m too tired to keep repeating the mantra before my mind drifts off. I never can seem to successfully pull off a good MILD. Anyone else have this problem and have advice? Thank you! :smile:

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The idea of MILD is NOT to fall asleep while repeating the mantra. It will keep you awake, and it’s not the point of MILD. It’s not WILD or DEILD, in which you aim to stay aware until you’re asleep.

Just repeat it a few times before bed until you feel your intention is set. I’d say don’t do it more than 10 times. Just say it a few, but focus on it. Make it something simple as well. Have you ever repeated a word to yourself until it lost meaning and became just sounds? I have. It can become like that.

Keep it simple, short, and down to only a few repeats in your mind (or out loud, if you prefer), and then go to sleep like normal.

Personally, when I WBTB, I only wake up just long enough to make a few notes in my DJ about what I remember, sometimes reinforce a MILD mantra a few times, and then go right back to sleep. Takes no more than 5-10 minutes, and seeing as I’ll still be really sleepy, I go right back to sleep. If you’re willing to try it, WBTB doesn’t have to be a half hour to 45 minutes. You can just wake up for a few minutes as well to refresh a mantra and then go right back to sleep.

Good luck! ^^

thanks a lot, thats something that i was thinking, just to repeat it a few times. it just feels like when i do MILD while only reciting a few times, it doesn’t feel complete. now that i know that someone does that and it works, im going to try that tonight. Thanks!!!