MILD in March 2021 Challenge: Who's with me?

Hi all! I want to have more LDs (shocker, I know). And to do so, I need a constistent approach.

So, I’m going to challenge myself to do MILD every day in March and report back the results to LD4all. Who’s with me?? It would be really inspiring to have a “support network” of fellow dreamers working on the same goal. :pray:

Here’s my projected routine:

Dream journal in the morning
Hand-inspection reality checks throughout day
20 m. meditation before bed, then drink a tall glass of water
Once in bed: MILD
When I have to get up in the night: take 5-HTP, then MILD

That’s it. Any suggested changes are welcome. Even if just one person joins me, I’ll be thrilled!


im in! no guarantee i’ll be successful but i’ll try my very best :smile: {and i can try out that staircase reality check as well since i got two of those in my house}

Awesome, @TheNexus!! Thank you! I’ll be much more likely to stick to it with your support.

no problem ^^
I haven’t had the chance to be lucid in so long {aside from that one dream about K} i hardly know what i’ll do first once i realize im dreaming lol.

I’ve read in several places that it’s a good idea to set a specific goal - in fact, it can help you get lucid in the first place.

My goal is to visit a wise sage to ask for career advice… Which, come to think of it, I should prob do in the real world, haha!

that’s a really great idea!

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Oh i have an idea! There’s this skeleton key i’ve found in a few past dreams, it’s heavy black iron etched with goldleaf- just called The Key. and it can unlock any door you want, but especially there’s this place called The Hall of Dreams. i’ve never got to actually use it because i woke up too soon and in subsequent attempts to find it, something always went wrong, but im curious to see what will happen if i manage to locate it and use it on a door somewhere…


I’m in. I want to get back into Lucid dreaming as I I took a 6 month break. I’m thinking about going through the challenges starting at the beginning, 2005. When are you starting?

That sounds perfect for dream incubation, @TheNexus. When repeating your MILD affirmations as you fall asleep, you could visualize finding the key, recognizing you’re in a dream, becoming lucid and then opening the doors…

Hey @Azaleaj! Welcome aboard!

The idea of MILD in March just popped into my head yesterday - I’m going to try to keep up a consistent MILD technique throughout March and journal the whole experience. Of course, you can start now if you want : ) I drew up my LD routines yesterday and tried them last night (no LDs but multiple very vivid and emotional dreams about family).

I did notice last night that there have been previous challenges, which is really neat. I guess my idea for March is to focus on one technique only - MILD - until I get results. The main reason being that I tend to be inconsistent in my undertakings, and I’ve noticed that random LD efforts tend to produce random (and sparse) LD results (for me).

Reading this topic I thought spending some more energy on serious MILD attempts wouldn’t hurt. And just because of this topic I spontaneously had an FA in the middle of the night in which I was doing WBTB and attempt MILD :laughing:

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Ye, im glad im also joining this challenge, i think it’ll be good to help me get back into lucid dreaming after taking so long of a break from it. I’ve been taking daily naps to see if i can LD, no luck so far but i’ll keep practicing in preparation for March ^^

I’ve never succeeded in having a LD during a nap. That would be so amazing!

What’s FA?

Hey there! I haven’t gotten an LD yet, so I’ll definitely try this. Seems fun!

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@milkyism, I got my first ones from carefully inspecting my hands multiple times a day and wondering if I was dreaming. See if it works for you!

Some words on the forum have this dotted underline, you can hover over it with your mouse to get an explanation. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on touch screens.

FA stands for false awakening. It’s a dream in which you think that you woke up. In the end they are just dreams but with a somewhat special theme and the distinction gets blurry. I usually consider a dream a FA if it connects directly from sleep, so the start of the dream was me waking up in bed. Usually the next thing I’m doing is contemplating on my dreams and writing them down, much like I would in waking life. These kind of dreams seem to be more common among people invested in dreams, hence we have a dedicated term and acronym for it :cool_laugh: I find them quite amusing although they tend to be a little annoying. You have an FA and write down your dreams. Then you wake up and write them down again. Then you wake up again. Oh no, it were 2 FAs! And write down dreams a third time :sigh: Not a rare occurrence this kind of time loop :lol:

So I was dreaming that I got up in the middle of the night, visit the toilet, get something to drink, process my dream and start my meditation for MILD. But it never really happened. Only in the morning I realize it. So before I do MILD next time, I’ll try to remember RCing.
But maybe doing a MILD inside dreams can still yield a subsequent lucid dream. Maybe even more likely so as the incubation through intent should be more effective when you’re already operating at a subconscious level :hmmm:


I’m the same way in my practice. Kind of random. I often go to bed with the intention of doing MILD and WBTB but just turn off my alarm and go to bed. I’m very good at inducing dreams when working with other people or if there is a definite challenge or goal, ie when in a contest or class.

I had success last night, jumping the gun a bit. I saw there was a challenge on here where you choose from previous challenges. I chose passing through a mirror. I was able to do so and found myself on a train. Tonight I will ask to meet my spirit guide, ask for their name and for a gift.

Will you start march 1st? Any specific experiments planned?

besides the key one, i chose from the challenge list to try out some dream food. which is something i’ve done before, but i’ve never actually gone to a restaurant to order something, usually its just whatever i can find in my fridge or a supermarket lol. I wonder what your dream guide is gonna look like! that sounds like an interesting challenge too.

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I have a WBTB that I currently do very poorly… maybe I’ll try and work proper MILDing into it… I might start a bit early… but I’ll try to MILD for sure starting in March. :open_mouth:

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