MILD mantras

not sure if mantras is the right word i’m looking for (what i mean is phrases) but anyway,

hey. I had a thought a little while ago, and i’ve been kind of experimenting, but i wanted to see what you guys thought.
I know how MILD works, with the positive affirmations and what not, but what if all i wanted to do was get a theme across from the waking world to the dream world. For example, say there is a guy in real life that is really annoying me, and i want to beat the living daylight out of him, if i used, “Tonight i will fight insert name here” would that work?

[color=orange]Yeah you have the right term.

That should work. Always remember why you’re repeating the mantra, envision yourself in the act of accomplishing this goal, and remember why you want to accomplish this goal in the first place. [/color]

i think that was probably where i was falling down
i’ll try harder and see how i go :tongue:

Alright no problem. Good luck!

Got it right dude.

That is definitely the right idea, but I would advise against beating up dream characters. Many Ld4all members in the past have found that hurting a DC would lead to a very pronounced lack of DCs in future dreams, as if the DCs were scared of them and wouldnt show up which is generally not a positive thing.

It is something quite interesting to think about, like why does that happen? Dcs are a part of you, so its like your subconscious that makes your DCs is afraid of your conscious? You’re afraid of yourself? I am not knowledgeable in psychology or philosophy, perhaps someone else would like to discuss it as I am quite interested in this topic.


thank you so much for that!
i had no idea

[color=orange]I tend to fight a number of DC’s often for a reason, and they just keep coming. Its almost rare when they aren’t around. Their reactions to my presence tends to vary with the scenario too.[/color]

This is definitely happening in my dreams. DCs are very often scared when I’m violent to them. Once, a DC confronted me about killing some of his friends, and told me that they (the other DCs) remain to live with the corpses around, while I get to wake up. :woo:

On the other hand, my sister, who is also a lucid dreamer, loves fighting in dreams. That’s why she says she can’t enjoy lucids, she can’t get immersed enough in a fight if she knows it’s fictional. :happy:

But on topic, I think that that mantra could produce results as any other. Though personally, I think that there are better ways to spend your dream time than dreaming about someone you dislike. :tongue:

I’ve successfully used, “Am I dreaming?” a few times. And I’ve heard of much success with it, too.

Thats awesome!