So last night.i went to bed as usual and slept for about 6 hours and woke up i was angry to not have any recall at all :grrr: and i tried autosuggetion (for remebering dreams) .while i was repeting the mantra and with no Intention i eneterd the dream world LUCID . no SP no HH no nothing .but i tried to fly insted of stablizing the dream(my lucidity was low).and thats when i lost lucidity and soon after i woke up.
what do you think
was that a WILD or MILD or DEILD (i didnt move when i woke up) :bored:
after that i remeberd two dreams.witch means that the auto suggetion worked.witch is making me even more Confused.

Sounds possibly like a DEILD. Congrats on the lucid! ^^ You don’t always get SP or HH when transitioning, especially if it’s a really fast transition. Even if I get SP, I usually don’t get HH myself. I’m not sure what’s confusing you about the DR, because if the AS works, great. ^^ Just because you were intending to remember and had an LD AND DR doesn’t mean it failed. Congrats!

thx alot

That’s DEILD then. When people do WILD, they usually move, or even get out of bed (when combined with WBTB), so the transition is longer and they usually feel the SP.
If you do DEILD, there’s a high chance that you are already in SP state. Therefore, you don’t feel the transition and fall asleep very fast.
Even though you don’t feel the SP, it’s still there, whatever happens, since REM sleep can’t proceed without SP.

thats clears the thing for me. thanx a lot :happy:

Congrats on getting lucid! :happy:

just a quick tip: try not to get too angry when you don’t get any DR (or whenever you feel like you’ve “failed”), anger and frustration can really get in the way of progress! :sad:

THX anger and frustration can really get in the way of it. NO MORE ANGER

Maybe was a False Awakening!

Perhaps, but I think ghanemhaithem would have figured that out by now :wink:

it wasnt a FA .am sure.but Rhewin…where have you been,your dream journal Has become old and rusty :tongue: .i hope that you ll get back to writing in you dream journal.because it was the reason why i started trying to lucid dream :content:

Oh you know me, just around doing whatever it is that I do :razz:

Speaking of the anger and frustration you mentioned before, have you read my article called The Lucid Dreaming Wall? (<---- shameless plug)

I agree with ZRVera. That was closed to a DEILD. Weird transition. I’ve only had one of those once that I can recall.

i did that.wondrfull article THX Rhewin :smile: