MILD WILD,WBTB related Issues, experiences Q/A

There are some of us who have tasted the lucidity and they are practicing and there are some who are still unsuccessful, maybe some of us are missing out something, so let those who succeed in it help others. share your experiences. If you know the solution to another’s problem So please don’t delay in telling it So let’s help each other so share your experiences about WILD MILD WBTB LD techniques If you have any issue with any of this technique just mention here

There are some problems athletes are facing in Lucid Dreaming
1 Unwanted thoughts A mind full of thoughts,Cant sleep for long time like 1 or 2 hour in one position,there are many problems
Solution If you want to make it a part of life do meditation everyday this is best not for LD but for OBE and spritual growth this can take long time to empty your mind but if you want it to get fast i think gazing is the best method ever for focus,concentration many peoples face problem with HI they cant see or cant focus behind eyelids this will help and with meditation you can sit very long time for me i can sleep on my back for 2 hours no pain focused and peaceful with Breath because I practice 15 minutes of gazing every day and 10 minutes of ADA (All day Awareness) practice and 30 or 60 min for 60 points relaxation methods and lot of RCs in the day

Well. Here’s mý problem.
Whenever i WILD and try to relax. There comes a mild headache. so i try to relax, sometimes it works sometimes it wont. what is causing this?

and another thing is that when i WILD, last night i stayed up for more than 2 hours and gave up. Does it usually take this long?

Pros out there;pls help :pleading_face:

No, it doesn’t take much time, it depends on how relax you are normally We have to go through these situations during the WILD process slightly sensation numbness body paralysis. You have to be very calm during this process,If you don’t get through any of these, it means you’re doing something wrong. There are some things you need to keep in mind.
During WILD process you shouldn’t move,if you feel urge to move just ignore it,you may be feel you need to swallow just ignore Turn your attention to something else. If you pay attention to it, it will be with desire and force through practise You will get used to it i think Mild pain or sensation is normal this is your first time thats why you face these urges or problems sometimes you will feel vibration in your body for me i enjoy that moment when i feel vibration or sensation you can move these at your will it will help you to remove energy blockages and successful OBE because you are moving your energies,Chi qi prana energy

@sam I appreciate you starting this topic but we have already BIG topics dedicated to WILD, MILD, WBTB… so I think trying to make one combining 3 techniques is a bit much for one topic to keep track of :see_no_evil: