I didn’t know where exactly to post this, but I’m having trouble understanding what a MILD is.

Can someone please explain this to me? :confused:



Note: I did a search for “what is mild” and “mild” it came up with a LOT of threads… I read a few, but still am having trouble understanding.

just repeat affirmations to yourself as you fall asleep like “I know I am dreaming when I dream, and I am in full control”

Then, when you wake up between dreams, (if you do wake up) imagine yourself in the previous dream but noticing some dreamsign and imagining how you would react discovering that it is all a dream… what would you do etc.

k, I understand a little better now. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing. cool. Thanks!

Remember that the M in MILD is for Mnemonic. What you are trying to do is set up a mnemonic hook so that you will remember to do something. In this case the thing you are trying to remember is that you are dreaming. This is just like using a mnemonic hook in real life, for example, “every time I go out the front door, I will remember to check if I have my keys”. In the case of MILD an example is, “every time I (insert dream sign here), I will become lucid.”

I often dream about a specific movie theatre interior and I haven’t yet recognized it’s a dream because I haven’t built the mnemonic for that situation yet. So, right now I’m trying to work on that one. “Every time I’m in the movie theatre I will remember to become lucid”.

The way to set up these mnemonics is with visualization and repetition. To set up the mnemonic to remember your keys, you visualize yourself leaving the house, and when you pass through the door, you check your pocket for your keys. In the dream, instead of checking your pocket, you do a reality check.

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