Milk and honey :)

I was reading through some old posts yesterday and found an interesting topic about drinking warm milk and honey (mixed together of course) before going to bed. I tried it and I must say I remembered my dreams (just ND :sad: ) like never before (I could remember a lot of details).

I just thought I’d let you know since the original topic is really really old and newcomers probably never heard of this. You must however drink the mixture right before going to bed -> I drank it, washed my teeth and went to bed and it worked :smile:

Anyway - try it for yourself and tell us if it worked (I’m also going to keep on trying). Oh yea… Milk MUST be warm. Don’t ask me why it’s just how it works :smile:

eww sounds gross

Not really… I mean, I’ve never tried it, but it doesn’t sound that bad. :bored: I think I’ll try this.

Yes, I’ve heard that too, the same for bananas and chamomile tea. It actually sounds good, I’ll try it.

Milk and honey is an awesome drink before bed :content: Helps sleep, gives vivid dreams, and it’s also nutritious :happy:
Probably the warmth of the milk helps with the honey dissolution. And it makes for a more enjoyable drink ^^

Well I find it really delicious to be honest :smile: I’m drinking it as I’m typing this and I’m loving it :razz:
And yeah… Probably the warmth is just needed for the dissolution of honey :smile: Anyway - it’s awesome :razz:

ill have to try this

I’m going to try this right now

Funny, I drank warm milk with honey every evening a few weeks ago, and I can swear I had very vivid dreams sometime back then.
Probably worth trying. :nuu:

Well, warm milk has always been said to help falling asleep - and with people saying it also affects the dreams it’s definately worth a try! :smile:

Well this night milk put me into TOO heavy sleep :sad: I’ve been setting my alarm clock for 3 hours after I go to sleep for a few days now in order to FILD and I normally woke up, but I don’t even remember the alarm ringing last night :bored: I also don’t remember any of my dreams. I guess it’s probably because it’s weekend and my body needed to rest from the workdays… Just thought I’d let you know :smile:

Hi people!
My first lucid dream was actually when i drank a lot of cammomile tea.
I saw someone posted that. And i’ve also tried milk and honey but they don’t actually help me achieve lucid dreams. Anyway, i’m voting for cammomile tea.

Wow worked amazingly. I remembered dreams like never before. It was a pretty scary dream, and involved me being tied to a chair and a crazed doctor cutting me apart into little pieces :nuu:

Time for my shameless plug :happy:. I had just recently started an experiment about drinking a glass of milk before going to bed, and after reading this I thought it would be great to add the milk and honey to it as well. If you guys would like to participate you can find the link down in my sig.

Sounds interesting, its worth a shot, I’ll try it tonight

It was gross

Did it at least help, then? :mrgreen:

Just tried some. It was lovely. I’m not going to sleep for another 8 hours so I don’t know if it will effect my dreaming. but by god it was delicious.

Haha i don’t remember my dream

Just had some again. It was really nice as before however this time I had it with some coffee. Reallly nice