mind cheats

things happen in my LDs against my will. if i go searching for beautiful girls, i end up
finding ugly ones, sometimes they turn into dolls. how can i trick my mind without it tricking me?
spinning does not alter my environment, what should i do?
how can i bring light into a dark room

Yeah that sometimes happens. It seems to me that you might have some doubt about what you are doing. Try to beleive more in your lucid powers. Try to make yourself truly understand that you are lucid and you can control everything around you. Maybe even walk around chanting something to remind you, things like ‘I am lucid’ or ‘I am in control’.

Your mind always plays tricks on you. Like once, I was waiting for my alarm to go off, and then all of a sudden I hear my alarm going off, but it’s really a trick of my mind!

Persist. If you tell yourself “They will be beautiful” then they most likely will be. If they aren’t, try again another night.

Move around. It doesn’t even have to be quick. Once you move enough, you usually end up elsewhere that can be completely different. If you were referring to small environment modification, turn your back on what you want changed, imagine what it will look like and turn back to it.

Ah yes, the standard “Dark room and the light doesn’t work” that most of my (and likely other people’s) nightmares start from. This is among one of the harder things to do, but I’ve had enough experience to do a step-by-step plan that I follow whenever this happens.

  1. Keep calm. As soon as you get scared you’ll lose control.
  2. Turn on the light/s

if they work perfectly, end here. There are several cases of what might happen, but they’re all related.

  1. The light doesn’t work, but to find the switch you’ll have needed some light in the first place. Go to that. It should still be fullbright.

  2. If either light is dim, focus on it and make it stronger. I find yelling a command helps get myself believing, such as “Stronger!” with the outstretch of my arm.

  3. If there is no other light at all, and the switch doesn’t exist/work, you have a choice

    • close your eyes to stop the dream and wake up, sacrificing your lucidity, but stopping yourself from being scared or hurt (not physically, but the pain sense is active).
    • focus on a point on the ground or roof, and make a light source. I have tried this only a few times, and every time it has been extremely difficult to make it a decent light due to the amount of concentration. My method is to yell “Light!” and stretch your arm out in the angle of the place you’re focusing on and put all your concentration into making light come from there, and then strengthening it.

So that’s how to light a dark room. Fun, eh?

me too

lucidity is over-rated
the point is to be lucid without trying to do anything, just exploring.

bringing light into a room…
what i do, if i can find something, like a light bulb, i can channel energy into it, thus it lights up:P it works for me:P