Mind control over the body

When I attempt WILD, or am just normally going to sleep, sometimes just for entertainment I will try move parts of my body with my mind. For example, I will immagine the feeling of my arm moving about 10 cm. Every now and then I have gotten it to work, making my arm twitch the 10 cm. I’m very sure its happening, and I am not immagining it. It also isnt within a dream.

I’ve been wondering what allows me to do this? Does it meen im getting into a deeper stage of sleep?

Moved from General Lucidness. :dragon:

I’ve done this before too. Using my mind alone, I can move my fingers. This only happens during my WILD attempts, so I guess it does mean that you are getting to a deeper stage of sleep.

I don’t understand what you people are saying, do you mean you are like “My index finger will move up” and it does?