mind Control?

Sometimes I start thinking about being able to control my mind completely. Being able to do things such as just tell yourself to fall asleep and do it even being able to go straight into a LD; Being able to do things like turn off pain in your mouth for a route canal; etc. My 7th grade science teachere said something like in the airforce pilots learn to turn their hearts off at command. Has anyone heard of or met someone who could do stuff like this.

Some people can WILD straight into a lucid dream. I bet there are some on this site.
I’ve also heard accounts of yogi’s who are able to stop their hearts for a few seconds.
Such things obviously take an insane amount of mental disciplin, I know I’m not capable of this stuff…yet :eek:

I can WILD directly into an LD, like within a matter of seconds, however i dont think i want to try to turn my heart off sounds scary.

Turning off pain would be totally possible, it would jsut take an incredible amount of mind over matter.

I would really not suggest doing any heart-stopping business without a professional (yogi, expert, etc). :wink:Airforce pilots can turn off their heart at command? That doesn’t sound too accurate personally knowing some veterans who were pilots in the airforce. (I’ve asked them about that; maybe that teacher was just trying to scare you…or maybe it’s secret) I’ve heard about the Monks, Gurus, Side-show people being able to do so though.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a yogi?

I’ve heard people who have really good mind control. No one personally. But I know in the military (USA) they teach crazy things that you maybe hear a couple of times but nothing will ever be confirmed. Turning off the pain is what I’ve heard the most of. Stopping your heart… Honestly doesn’t sound convincing. How long can someone do this for w/o slowly killing off vital organs that need the oxygen and blood flow.

A yogi is a master of a yoga. There are six types of yoga if I’m not mistaken, dream yoga being my fav :content:
Advanced yogi’s can stop their heart for a few seconds, and many can slow it down or speed it up using meditiation and breathing excersises.