Mind manaplution

Although the idea I am about to present is crazy, consider it before throwing it out of the window.

If you have read 1984 (George orwell) then you will know how the political system works in the story. What if that kind of system was totay’s system.

The system is a complete reciem that tries to control what a person thinks and how society works.

In 1984 (the book) Winston (main charecter) is not sussposed to think unorthidox thoughts against the leading party. Society is structured so that their is no equality. The ritch (inner party), the parties “servants” (outer party) and finally the poor, the workers etc (proles).

The party alows the poor to think what they want, assuming that they don’t really care, or accept the way things are. The party doesn’t allow outer party members to think what they want. They use little tricks to prevent people from actually thinking an ilegal idea, or to at least stop the expression of it.

So what am I saying? What if we are infact the poor. We do get to think what we like and there is supposibly a level of equality around us. However we usually alow the goverement to control our country. And people seem to be unintrested in what the goverement is doing. For example, the goverement could easily have an outer party (ie the party members), and try to control what they do. We would hardly know about the goverements actions.

However is this possible at this stage of technological development, just as we enter the digital revelution? Do we question what the goverement does? We are used to this level of political control, but does this mean this level is not as good as it could be?

What are your thoughts (and no, you are not alowed to think I am crazy!!)

Im a swimming teacher…and i dont want anyone from the goverment to tell me how to do it.Same goes otherwise-i like to believe they are trained and prepared to lead the country and i leave them do it.
Of course i dislike the methods on many occasions but in my opinion leader is to lead not to listen to everyone around cuz it leads to a mess.
Tho history teaches theres not allways proper head there,thats why i guess we shall have an influence to change just the person if he/she is not doing it with dedication and what he was elected for.

hmm the government rebelling against the very people it governs

If the government ever rebeled against us U.S. citizens, we’d deffinitly send them home crying :cry: . Think of how many people their are, and think how many government people there are. The power is in the people, it will always be that way, if no one else tries to stop the government if that would happen, I would take it upon myself to go ahead and defeat them all. :content:

I dunno, take black slavery in America for example… They were surpressed by the govt., and its not life a few strong slaves couldn’t beat up Jefferson Davis. Then again who knows what would have happened if not for the Emancipation Procamation and the Somethingth Amendment…

I believe it is happening right now, to some degree. One of the basic principles/rights that we’ve come to expect is “innocent until proven guilty.” And yet, our government is detaining hundreds at Gitmo without a trial. The majority of the populace seems to be behind this. Not because some concrete evidence of their crimes was shown, but because our government SAYS “They’re terrorists… trust us.”

People seem to be so much behind it that whoever happens to be in charge could just track down those who would vote against them, throw them into secret detention, say “They’re terrorists… trust us,” and almost no one would complain.

I don’t like the united states government really, it’s gotten to big and powerful and they know they are, all snobby to other countries cause they don’t treat the other countries as equals. The united states always acts like it’s better then everyone else. Selfish world.

Its feels odd to give a whole govt. characteristics like “snobby”, but I see where you’re coming from. Everything is too curupt these days… I’d like to go back to caveman times… cept with better medication…

Yes, but how would you tell wether your goverment is doing this? I don’t blame America, only its president (who I think is a rasist idiot). However I’m not sure wether they act powerful, because they are, and they are a major peace keeper (as well as destoyer). I also blame tony blaire, sadam hussien etc (but not the Belgium and French gov who seem to be doing what’s in the peoples interests).

I think power seems to corrupt goverments. Now what if your goverment was trying to control what you think? How would you know?

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I think nowadays there isn´t even the possibility of getting into the government (ANY government) if your aren´t corrupt.


The only reason any person wants a job or place in the government is for the power, they don’t actually want to change things for the greater good…they just want to change things to make them happy. They don’t get payed that much so they don’t do it for the money. They are power hungry corrupt psychos. The current United States president is a racist, close minded, selfish, wannabe dictator.

My “nick” is for a famous song, my favorite song. Everyone says I’m an acid head cause of my nick though. :content:

I think the fact that you were able to post this, or even think this, disproves this theory. And yes, there are lots of people question what the government does.

Government can control no one, what exactly is the government? a bunch of old wrinkly white men that want power, cause they’ve never had any. Picture there’s no army or police, what can the government do then at all? NOTHING. The only reason they have power at all is because of the army and police force. Take that away and the government is gone. So really the government has no power, the military/police do. I will continue to disregard and ignore the government and do whatever i want till the day i die. If they don’t like it, I don’t care. I was born here, I didn’t choose to be here.

I’ve just started reading ‘1984’ and finding it very interesting. Imagine having cameras on you all the time, even in your own home :eek: I’m glad that hasn’t happened yet.

Afaik, London is not far from that, you are being filmed nearly everywhere you go…

This is what I’m saying. Just in a non-london area you get filmed about 250 times per day (if you go out often).

There are on the streets. But does the goverment seretly spy on you via your computer, or via satallites?

The goverment pushed Dr.David Kelly over the edge. Couldn’t they do the same with anybody?

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