Mind Over Mind...

I had a very intristing thought a while ago. It’s kind of like Trigpoe’s mind over matter experiment, but with a twist. I got started while thinking how placebos work. If your mind is able to tricked so easily, couldn’t it just do it without being tricked? If theres nothing in the placebo that accually works than your body had to have the potention the whole time. I was also re-reading EWLD and it said that LaBerge could LD by will. I thought that if his mind could do that why couldn’t mine? My body has experienced lucidity enough times. His mind has no super-powers that mine dosen’t, shouldn’t I be able to have them by will as well then? I think it also has to do with confindence. Think of your mind as a dream. In a dream if you don’t think you can fly, you won’t, if you think you can, you will. I think all it takes is some confidence and the realization that your body/mind has the potential to do these things the whole time.
Please post thoughts, comments, results, and questions. I will try to think about this as well and will post my results :smile:

:happy: Neo you almost hit the jackpot, u just miss one thing!

Time…experience that new perspective and idea all the time…
and u be there soon :wink:
Subconsciousness and consciousness need time to communicate with eachother…so dont drop your thought but keep it a live and you be there,
to collect your prize money like a lucid dream :happy:
It needs time to integrate your view in your subconsciousness.


Ah, the perfect opportunity to insert this most beautiful quote:

“Do or do not; there is no try.”

-Master Yoda



Do you mean like just keep thinking and convince myself more so that the theory is correct? Didn’t quite get what you were saying lol, sry im tired.

In desprate need of a pirate cookie,

It is alot harder to make yourself believe you can do something than you think it is. But it can be done, a good liar tells his story to himself so many times he believes it so that the responce to questions concerning the matter appear genuine. I’ll have to try, but what kinds of things do you want your “placebo” affect to be?

its not totally placebo, its just showing how your body has the potential the entire time, and if so you should be able to use it without having to trick your body

. . . . Powerful. . . .

I will sleep on this. Hopefully I’ll still have the brain power to post something intelligible after my tests tomorrow.(Calculus and Religion)

*wanders off deep in thought. . .

I was just about to push the button when I made a connection between this and the stores that cut out the middleman to pass the savings directly onto us.

I was going to post on this thread 5 minutes after Neo created it. In fact, I had a rather long message all typed out and ready to go. But then, as I often do, I decided not to post it after all.

Anyway, there’s more to lucid dreaming than confidence and good intentions. You actually have to ‘reprogram’ your brain to behave differently while asleep to what it’s used to. Most people dream normally for the first 15 to 30 years of their life (people who take an interest in LDs, I mean - and not those who nurtured the skill from childhood).

This isn’t an easy task, and requires that you rebuild your neural associations (physical linkages between nodes in your head) to cause the desired effect each and every time you experience the common activity of sleep. It takes time, effort, devotion, and patience.

The brain works on associations – nothing more, and nothing less. You can’t just change them like you can your hair style. It’s all about discipline.

yes Atheist!
Thats what i ment with the factor time :happy:
Keep the association a live all day every day and neurological it will be absorbed in your subconsciousness as an association of its own.
But that takes time, lots of time, some ppl call it training! :wink:
I call it communication between consciousness and subconsciousness,
others call it training :wink: