Mindfulness leads to LD?

I recently read about All Day Awareness technique to induce LD. It is basically paying attention to subtle things during your daily life using all of your sensations, it is same as Mindfulness. I read also that it can induce LDs 90% of the time because you are paying attention almost all of your day, and also it is truly a very powerful technique for LDs and can stabilize the dream and make it more vivid and stuff like that. I have been trying it for two days only and wanted to know if there is someone here who is an expert with this technique to tell us their experience and how really affective is this technique, and if it is possible to abandon all the other techniques and focus solely on this one only?. I am doing great with this technique and most of the time I am aware even though I heard that it is extremely hard for some people to do it. Anyone here can provide more interesting stuff about this?

Of course Hakam. If your soul is flying high theres no limit to what your mind wants to do.
I would too would like to hear from people and animals very activly into ADA

I tried ADA before, too. For me it yielded no result. Might have been doing it wrong :shy:
I find it hard to get into the habit for once. What’s more, I’m a software engineer. I spent a big amount of time thinking about abstract and virtual concepts. I find that this is quite the opposite of what ADA is about.

I agree with your observation that ADA is pretty much the same concept as mindfulness, which has been quite hot in society in general for a few years. And my point above is also something that I view very critical about the notion of mindfulness. I think it makes no sense to practice mindfulness all. the. time. Mankind’s progress and achievements stem more and more from concepts that we abstract from real life and if you’re asking me, we’ll develop further into virtuality in the future.

Of course this is why mindfulness became a thing in the first place. People found that we’re losing touch with the here and now too often. I can see the benefits of practicing mindfulness. At the same time I find it worth highlighting to use it when interacting with other people above anything, and that there are times when it is completely out of place, like working on things that don’t have a real world representation like software.

Ok that was a lot of rambling about mindfulness. Now about LDs. It may not have worked for me, yet I would still encourage you to try ADA to the biggest extent you can pull up. I believe in general that awareness about your situation, your surroundings, your interactions, your sensations and thoughts and feelings is important for general dream quality and consequently also increases your chance at lucid dreaming.

Dreams are built mostly from experiences you make in waking life. The more you take in (including a high level of detail), the more material your brain has available for building dreams. So go out there and make some awesome new experience!

If ADA or lucid living can replace techniques I’m not sure. I also heard such stories. If I remember correctly, @Wyvern was a practitioner of lucid living and is around the forums sometimes. Maybe they can share some insights and tips? :happy: