Minute Long LD: Can't Fly, But I can Hover

Recently (last few nights) I had been having a lot of dreams about sailing. I decided to tell myself before I went to bed that If I had a dream about sailing I would remember it. I had a dream in which I was on a sailboat. I started to realise I was dreaming. I was in control, and very lucid after about 30 seconds. I then tried to fly. I stood up, walked over to the part of the deck with alot of people, and jumped into the air. I couldn’t fly, but I hovered. It was awesome. Then I woke up, but I still felt like I was hovering for a second. I ran through a few RCs, it was not an FA. Good dream though.

Any advice on why I could not fly, only hover?

Flying and hovering are pretty much the same thing. You’ll be able to better control your flight next time.