Mirror and Lucidity

Hey there o/
Since my first LD some weeks ago I didn’t have any more ‘luck’ on LDing :sad:
BUT, I had this dream that wasn’t a normal dream, I was sure that I was dreaming but had no control(not even over my own actions). It was a LD as long as the definition for LD is to know that you’re dreaming. But I remembered reading something about mirrors on LD’s, so I went after one to look at it(again, I knew I was dreaming but I wasn’t on control of my actions), when I found one I look at it and then my reflection got strange, my eyes got all white on the reflection, my skin started becoming blue, like an undead or something, I couldn’t look at that anymore so I faced away. :eek:
What was that? I read something about dream entities, Thanatos, or something, but I have no clue about what that is :confused: . Could someone help me? :help:

Dream mirrors always suck, they never show a correct reflection of you. Sometimes they are delayed, sometimes you see different people. Really, there’s no need to fear these so called ‘dream entities’ (whatever they are :razz:)

Hey there Fadem o/
Well, I don’t fear these dream entities, I don’t even believe it, i don’t even know what is it!
Anyway, I have absolutely no fear about anything on LD’s, this one was just cause I wasn’t controling myself :tongue:
I just got curious and wanted to know what these ‘dream entities’ are all about.
I look on the forums and noticed that these weird experiences with mirros are commom. But I didn’t find anything about dream entities(but I didn’t look well :tongue: )
If anyone knows, post it.

Yes, dream reflections are almost always strange. You almost never see yourself as you really are. It is nothing to worry about. There are no dream demons coming after you or anything like that. It is just haw dreams seem to be.

You said you were lucid but you could not control your actions. Yet it seems as though you were able to take on the quest to find a mirror.

What I consider to be a lucid dream id to 1) Realize you are dreaming and 2) have some understanding of what that means. So if you knew that you were dreaming and understood that meant that you could control the dream if you wanted to then you had a lucid dream.

There are times where you may find yourself talking about lucid dreams, or using dream powers but you don’t understand why then those would not be lucid dreams. For example: I once had a dream where I could turn invisible at will. I was in a store at the time and I went around playing pranks on people. Moving things around etc. That was not a lucid dream because I was not aware of why I could turn invisible.

However if you are aware that you are dreaming and you have some control (even with difficulty or things are not workout the way you intended) then you were lucid.

I hope that made some sense.

So mirrors are to avoid ?

No, it’s very funny. The problem is that there is no light reflection in dreams. Just think about that. :content:
So what is behind the mirror is just something that your mind fills the dream environment with, and not necessarily what your rational mind expects. I saw once a gorilla instead of my image, and it entered my bedroom through the mirror. :smile:

Thus, no need to explain this through dream entities or such things. BTW, Thanatos is the greek god of death, and he has nothing to do with dreams.


Now i madly want ld !

Still 5 hours to bedtmie ! Atlest ! :sad:

Not at all! Try going through mirrors in your next LD. It is a very interesting experience.

Mirrors make great portals to get to other places in your dreams.

That is very interesting and I never thought of that. There IS no light reflection in dreams!

I know dream lighting is always diffuse but never thought about the cause before. Cool. It’s rare to see any kind of coherent light in a dream, even coming through a window.

BTW mirrors always end up containing something creepy for me as well.

I don’t like looking in them, in fact if i get up in the middle of the night, i always do RCs before going into the bathroom with its big mirror, because I’ve FA’d a couple times and gone to the bathroom, and woken up sweating and scared from what I saw :eh:

Anyways that seems to be peculiar to me so don’t be scared of mirrors.

So, is changing the dream scene with mirros easy? I mean, enter the mirror and get out on the place you want. Would it be a good way to change scenes or is the spinning tech better?