Mirror suit

Ok well i came up with this cool idea… DUN DUN DUUUU… MIRROR SUIT

ok well since i think mirrors are really kool i thought about a mirror suit to make the mirror suit you would imagin a thing sheet of mirror not on a wall our anything just standing still in an open space and you would imagin that when you walk through it that it would ingulf you. Then when it is around you u would have a reflecting suit that you can do anything with


-be iron man but instead of iron YOUR MIRROR MAN/WOMAN
-fly with the suit imagin your suit gives you god powers do anything :grin:
-just look cool to all your DC friends :cool:
-look in a mirror when wearing mirror suit see what happens :content:

Sinscerly your neighbor hood friend mirror :mirror:

I thought o this before…
And yes,the mirror to mirror effect is cool,did it like a thousand times when i was little,even with more mirrors.

We already have The BIG Quest Suggestion Topic :happy:

Anyways,i’m doing this.

About mirrors, there is a thread about mirrors in spiritual corner. A lot of posts about mirrors in there :cool_raz:

And BTW, :welcome: mirror to LD4all.

o thanks GHOSTIE11 i will check out that thread

Ooh! And then see if you can… err… stick your hand through your head… maybe that’s just my own little thing… but it sounds like fun :tongue:

Download…it sure does! :tongue:
I will try that 2 :tongue: