In one of my Lds this morning I though to check myself in a mirror and maybe try to go through it. But when I looked it the mirror I got scared. My reflection was crazy. It was me but then it wasn’t. My left eye was just a hole about the size of a dime. The left side of my face drooped quite a bit as well and I had a huge scar on the left side of my forehead. I am not sure why the left side of my face was messed up but the right was fine. This scared the crap out of me and so I decided against playing with mirrors and went to go imagine up a couple of sweet cars. Has anyone else had a similar experience with mirrors?

well, I had a much more terrifying experience in a pre-lucid once…

I am standing in front of the mirror, and start gazing into my reflection. (At this point I am convinced that I am awake). I gaze deeply into my eyes and study my face. Suddenly, my eyes get darker and darker, until they are completely black, and a huge scar/frown starts growing in my reflection’s forehead.

I haven’t been this scared in a long time. I started gasping for air, trying to call for help. After a few secs I realise I am dreaming, although that doesn’t change the fact that I am scared to death.

Mtoker, yes! I have had that! Thats no so weird actually i think…how u see yourself and who u are subconsciously and from association well that can mix up sometimes.

But yes that has happened to me and it never found it fearfull lol.
One time long ago i had a fearfull one with a mirror in my dreams.
I wasnt then long experienced with lucid dreaming like now.
I had a lucid dream and stood for a mirror…and it went all black slowly.
then i get frightend and suddenly i saw a face of a woman and to arms came out of it and pulled me inwards. all was black and i felt like i get strangeled and i heared a mean laugh that really freaked me. It was like i fought in total darkness and then i woke up. didnt mind to wake up then.
Later i found out that had much to do with the fact i projected fear at that mirror. I tried all kind of emotions and with fear and selfdefense the mirror can get black…with good feelings such things dont happen.
I tried to reflect humor at the mirror and love etc and that whole mirror became like my emotions inside. its fun once you know and control that.
So later it never happened. Now i only got verry creative and great lds when i go through a mirror. Its fun!
So dont fear to much…its all projection…nothing more.


The wierdest thing to have ever happened to me while looking in a dream mirror was to see my face pulse in and out of itself with my heartbeat. Very strange sensation. I’ve always wanted to reach through the mirror and grab the other me like Ash (Bruce Campbell) did in Evil Dead II. I’ve yet to accomplish that yet, however.

I didn’t have any problems like that in my LDs with mirrors. I once even stood in front of one and I could see myself the way I wanted to: for example to see how I’d look like with short hair, or with curly or raid hair and so on…fun :smile:
But in my NDs mirrors are normally weird. Oh especially in FAs they’re terrible! Not long ago I thought I was awake and I looked myself in the mirror and I saw something white in my hair. I thought it was just a piece of paper or something but when I started pulling it out there was more and more of it and my head was full of it, it probably went down all the way to my brains… Ok so it wasn’t as scarry as your experiences, but it was definitely one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen! Yuck!

ive never had problems with mirrors. I would always just walk through it, and find myself in a whole new awsom place! Sounds like lots of people e bad experiences with mirrors. Lets hope that thaught doesnt reach a pleceabo in my mind