Missed the Most Obvious Sign! First Post Ever =]

Hi everyone, it’s great to be here :smile:

So, I’m very new here. I learned about lucid dreaming about 3 days ago and ever since i have been very interested in this phenomenon. I had a strange experience in a dream last night. a strange and very annoying experience. But i think i am getting closer to becoming lucid! i will bold the annoying part of my post for convenience if you don’t wanna read it all.

This was my dream:

I was transported to a neighborhood like my own, i knew this because i had a feeling of security and familiarity with the area, however now that i think about it it looked nothing like my reality-neighborhood in WL. i decided i would stay in a random beautiful house i found for the night. I entered the house, and for some reason it had a hospital wing. I decided this unconventional area - that seemed completely real to me at the time - was the perfect place to retire for the night. i woke up shortly after and when my eyes came into vision i saw; queue bold text!

a big, clear, jar; filled with white, creamy liquid that said on the front in bold text Lucid Dreaming Solution - Drink Me

annoying part - I did not drink the liquid.

i think this is what you guys call a dream sign?

any feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated.



Hey oooobs :tongue:

A dream sign is something you constantly dream about. Haha but that dream was pretty cool! Don’t worry about it, it just means you’re closer to getting a LD!
One time I had a dream about a “Lucid piecake restaurant” and there was a lady about to serve me some piecake…but I didn’t eat it! :ack:


Seems like our dream selves can be pretty dumb at times.

well then i HOPE it will become a dream sign and i wont be some dumb next time :razz:

the strange thing was i got this overwhelming sense that there was enough liquid in the jar to last me every night for at least the next year .

also another strange thing about my dream recall. this may not be strange to you though :

i woke up several times during the night cause i said i would wake up after dreams that night (mantra style). It actually worked in retrospect. i woke up heaps which is uncharacteristic for me. but i couldn’t remember anything when i woke up. but then this morning i remembered the aforementioned dream that i know happened sometime during the middle of the night.

I’m going to keep at this until i get it down.

i once read “You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”

=] lucid dreams, here i come.

Haha nice one man! Getting close! Same here :happy:

It’s cool that the mantra’s worked for you!! And “Lucid dreaming solution” Thats a new one xD and a hospital wing? lmao, was it like bigger on the inside? XD

and you dreamt you fell asleep in a dream? a dream within a dream, INCEPTION!!! lol
Good luck :happy:

I had a dream once where I was discussing the difference between lucid dreams and OBEs with a purple-skinned bearded man and never once thought I might be dreaming.

had something like this happen with me this morning, except i was dreaming i was having a lucid dream only i don’t remember at all if i became truly lucid, when i woke up the first thing to come to mind was “God damn it!”

though from the sound of it i should be thankful for this is the closest i have been to a lucid dream (not had one yet)

Thats very funny. Over the years I have missed some crazy signs myself. The big sign that finally made me realize I was dreaming and gave me my first LD was my nans head turning into a giant babies and rolling her tongue all the way to the carpet lol.

oooobs you should definitely try to get your hands on that liquid :smile: Maybe enforce the idea that you will drink the liquid the next time you see it. It could be your own personal reality check.

hey oooobs, welcome :content:
your name reminds me of Dr Who some how with the eeuuuds or however you write that.

you might want to share your story here too: [What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VI) <- most obvious missed dreamsign topic.

but since a discussion has evolved around this one I’m not going to merge it into that topic. :smile:

having said that, your dream reminds me of one I had where I was in a classroom and noticed a big glass “valve” in the floor, with a sign next to it: “Lucid dream, enter here” or something similar :tongue: I didn’t enter it :tongue:

I wouldn’t say your dream was a dreamsign, but more a sign your subconscious is picking up on your desire to become lucid. I would classify this as a prelucid dream :smile:

“LucidOn; Apply Directly to the Brain.”

I know the feeling.

Here is a tip; the first time I started trying to LD, I had TONS of FLDs. I literally had Oodles of FLDs. At least one a night. So i let LDing go for about 5 days. Didn’t try, didn’t visit LD4all.

The day I began trying again, I had my first LD after one week.

Good luck.