Mixed DCs

Sometimes, I meet DCs in my dreams who are a mixture of two real-life people, or a mixture of a real-life person and a made-up one. In particular, one real-life friend and one internet friend often blends into one DC. Once in another dream, my sister and Dm7 was the same person! Does this happen to other people too? I wonder what makes them mix up, do they maybe share some traits which only my subconscious notices?

So you started the topic, eh? :content:

I think this is pretty interesting actually. In the case of RP (real person) vs DC, I think the SC takes out tidbits of their personality to fit the scene. It’s mostly the same with two RP mixing together, but the personalities are mixed instead of being picked at.

Fun stuff, ain’t it? :grin:

The topic already started in your DJ, Wolf. :cool:

Interesting thought…yes, their personalities seem to change to fit the situations in the dream. A mixed DC can for example look like my youngest brother while he is trying to pick the lock on my door, then he might look like my boss when he sees the mess in my room. :tongue:

I have this all the time in my dreams, rather than one or two people a single DC has shown traits of my whole class. I think is for the most part SC mixing traits to get a particular representation (meaning etc), or it could just be like a comparison of some sort.

Are you sure those people are actually a mix in the dream, or can it be that the DC changes into someone else, and that you think they are a mix when you wake up? DC’s changing happens a lot to me too, but DC’s mixing doesn’t.

I have that too.
Or that you just know that it’s someone, but (s)he doesn’t look like it at all. But you just know it was that person.

I don’t think Xetrov is right, but maybe he is. Cause I have the feeling they’re one person at the same time.

At least the IRL friend and the internet friend mix to be the same person sometimes. Maybe I put the irl friend’s appearance to the internet friend’s personality?

I didnt mean that what I say had to be so, just that it is a likely possibility. Both can happen.