Mixed up with reality

not sure if this belongs here. if it doesnt. sorry!
has anyone ever had a dream that lasted a couple days (not in real time, just in a dream sense) and then actually thought some of it happened? its happened to me, and it was really weird.
or how about when you are really tired and you are talking to someone, then u think ask them a question but you really didnt, it was all just in your head?
i hope im making sense. if im not then i will try to explain better. i just think its a funny phenomenon

Yes that happens sometimes.

Had both:
the first one I actually experienced for two months, in which i would often dream it was some random day of the week, and it would screw my inner calendar so badly :tongue:
Also, the times i don’t journal a dream, it sometimes surfaces as a lived experience, that is, it makes me think i’ve actually done it IWL, while I really didn’t.
And it had always left me wondering, getting up of bed to answer someone i was talking to in some HH :lol:

Yea i think that have happened to me more then once^^ And then when i think about it for a few seconds i find out “oh i have just dreamed about this”.
(edited your quote a bit to fit into my experience)

yea that happens to me,I’ve gotten into arguments with my friends because they told me they would do something in a dream and didn’t do it IWL!

“hey didn’t you say you would pay me back?”
“pay you for what?!?!”
" :grrr: i loaned you $100 for rent!!"
" :eh: dude,i live with my mom"
“O YEEAA! sry bro it was a dream!”
"are you on drugs? :down: "

lol to the above post :happy:

and yeah. usually with tiny bits of conversation. I’m very frequently not sure if I talked to a specific person about something. Sometime it’s just a memory issue :tongue: but many times I’ve talked about it in a small dream scene

yea i asked ppl if they remember a certain event happened. they have no idea what im talking about. then i start to wander if it was a dream. sometimes im so unsure it drives me mad.

cuz if you was i wanna try um. never had it happen quite like that