Mixing Senses, (synesthesia) and lucid dreaming

From what I understand, synesthesia is a benign condition in which a person’s senses blend together. For example, a person might see letters in different colors, or “see” sounds, or “feel” tastes. I know pasQuale mentioned doing this in an LD, I’m wondering if anyone else has, or how there would be some way of doing this in an LD.

I’m fairly certain that I have a form of mild associative grapheme-color synesthesia IWL.
I associate many words, letters and numbers with colors, and occassionally with textures.
For example, 3 is always green, 2 and 7 are blue, 6 is yellow.

But recently, I’ve really wished I had taste synesthesia. It sounds like it’d be really fun to taste colors…
Logically, there should be a way to do it in an LD. It’s your dream, and most people seem to say that they can taste things fairly well in dreams, so…I’m sure it’s possible.

the “mixing my senses” dream was indeed based on synesthesia :nod:
The full dream is in my LD4all DJ if you would like to read it: [community.ld4all.com/t/qs-quest-vii/22238/90)
The way I did it in my LD was just to shout that I wanted to experience it, and it happened :smile:

I have a form of synesthesia which is pretty easy in theory to explore. I see letters as actual people. Like “A” is a really nerdy kid, B is a normal guy who just wants to live his life, “C” is a really cool character who hangs out with the number 9, etc. This is all imaginary, but it took some getting used to once i found out that most people don’t do that. (Makes it a pain to eat alphabet soup, i can tell you :lol: )

I kind of wish i could see sounds. That sounds really cool.

here are two other topics about synesthesia. Actually Bruno was the inspiration for my own “mixing senses” LD :smile:



I won’t recommend tasting colors. :tongue: It tasted horrible :yuck:

@emozombie: I had never heard of that one! wow, how was that for you when you had to learn the alphabet when you were young? Did it make it easier for you or harder?
Lol about the alphabet soup :tongue:

It’s pretty hard to actually describe, but it honestly doesn’t affect me that much. Wikipedia has a pretty good article about it:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordinal_li … nification

Once i can stop waking up in my dreams whenever i become lucid, I’ll probably try to look and see if I have any DC’s that are letters. :smile:
I know that my parents always tell me that the alphabet came pretty naturally for me, but I don’t think it was especially out of the ordinary.

I don’t have this but I kinda have colours for numbers.
like 2 is yellow for me, 1 is blue, 3 is green, 7 green too.
I just conenct colors but I don’t see it, I see it in my minb but…I don’t know l ol

For me numbers represent different places Ive been in, even particular persons are reminded when I think of a specific number :tongue: its not really easy to explain this, but it is how I navigate myself around the region :cool_raz: