Mkay... I did that... next step?

I lie down in bed, close my eyes (no covers, those just get me too warm). I relax everything… then breath in an out, slowly. I count 1 I’m dreaming 2 I’m dreaming 3 I’m dreaming until I get to 20, then start over. I count to 20 3 or 4 times, until my body feels light and… there’s no word to describe it. All my nerves are just humming.

And that’s it. I feel like I’m out of body, but:

  1. I can still move if I actually want to move.
  2. If I open my eyes, there’s nothing.
  3. If I think ‘rise’ or ‘I’m dreaming’ or ‘I’m out of body’, absolutely nothing happens.

I think I’m missing something. Usually I’ll eventually fall asleep at this point. What to do next?

Moving and opening your eyes are a good thing when you do it at the right moment. Your way to early. Soon you won’t feel your body, and start to go into SP, or into a dream totally. Then you should do something. Your only on the front porch of a dream.

Well, I usually wait for a while… and nothing continues to happen. Any idea how long I’ll have to wait? What really sucks is that sometimes I lose count and fall asleep.

If you know your waiting…that’s a bad Idea. Just keep forgetting and knowing you are dreaming. Try to forget your even on the planet…not wait to leave the planet, get that?

Well… if I forget, I usually go to sleep. Shouldn’t I focus on something? An idea? Or just keep counting?

you’re already milding and wilding, so more stuff is prolly overkill. just relax, it’s usually a matter of getting into habits rather than ‘trying hard’.

if you want,look up some OBE/AP style techniques, i usually find i can put an interesting ‘lucid’ twist on them, like the infamous ‘climbing the rope’ except i do it to lucidity.

I say the perfect place to get WILD on is in a perfectly black space with nothing touching you and you’re floating. When it is quiet, you can hear the screaming silence. It is kinda a ringing noise or high-pitched noise in your ears. I’ve only made it to the point mindule has made, and that’s all. I never got past there. (I only got there once, I hope I get better opportunities in the summer)

The trick is to be patient and try not to think about anything but one thing. Focus on trying to relax and DO NOT move at all. The problem with most people is they give up too quickly roll over and go to sleep. It took me roughly forty-five minutes to acheive SP. It is better if your tired when you start. If you start experiencing HI, just think about the images that are popping in to your head but don’t lose consciousness!

Yes, you should focus on something. Don’t focus on it too hard, though. You’ll not get to sleep that way!

I usually still have energy. Tonight I won’t.

A. when the AC in my room is on, it is too loud, even for background noise.
B. I usually am not tired enough.
C. I’m often ok with the AC off, but them loud MFs on my floor just can’t shutup till 4am!
D. I think. I think alot. Silencing the mind takes discipline.

D’s a big prob for me too
and B a bit

but my main problem is allso losing track and just falling asleep

once i tried to fall asleep sitting

i could’ve sworn that i had (sloffen, wat is dat in het engels?) on, i’d forgotten:P

turned out i didn’t

well back ontopic

i get to the point where i don’t feel annything and i get “twitches”, no farther

Earlier today I made extra room in my closet so i could sit and do my meditation in, which I recenctly discovered and started practicing (all of this is new to me). The reason I made a place in my closet is because i had been meditaing on a chair in my room but sometimes a would hear a noise and it would, take me out of it, or “wake me up”. Ive really noticed how jumpy and noise sensitve i am since i started practicing lucid dreaming and meditation.

Anyway, when i was meditating in my closet i started to get the WILD sensastions, and stayed like that for about 15 minutes or so. So that gave me the idea to when I WILD start by using the Quiet Meditation breathing tecnique, which is to ~
Close your eyes. Take three or four (or five or six) deep breaths in through your nose. As you inhale, you may find it helpful to picture a white light coming in with the air and filling your entire body. Then exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, picture all of your tensions and stresses flowing out with the exhaled air. Feel the tensions and stresses flowing out. Just let them go.
It is very helpfull to picture the white light. Being inhaled into your body, and filling your body, and then finally immagine radiate around you.
And even when nothings happening during a WILD, just lay there, cause i usually just give up and get up and turn on the tv, but earlier, I kept laying there and experinced this strong buzzing, which ive heared people talk about, and i think is what is close to becoming lucid. My mind wasnt even clear when i happend. So just keep at it, and good luck.

these days i have something strange if i have my ear folded

it sounds like a buzzing PC

it really is quite weird

Hi again. Didn’t wanna waste a new topic.

Last night I tried WILDing again, and this time I stuck with it after it felt like I was ‘removed’ from myself. I sat there for a long time, trying to get into a dream. If I tighten my stomach muscles, the sensation of being ‘removed’ grows a lot stronger, but then I relax again and it goes back to normal ‘removed’. So, nothing new there.

But, I think I had HI. About 3/4ths the way through, I started seeing all sorts of hellish stuff… mostly faces. I didn’t actually see clear faces, but in the darkness of my closed eyes (which isn’t really dark… it’s sometimes got lights and specks), a face would appear out of the chaos, like when you see an animal in the clouds. And this happened for a good 5 minutes. I am unable to do it right now, which makes me believe it had to do with me trying to WILD. Anyway, I was getting a little freaked out of these awful things… I mean, nasty eyeballs, the works, so I thought about nice things, my cat, and the bad stuff went away, but it wasn’t replaced by good things… basically after that everything went downhill until I decided to move really fast, which brought a weird feeling to all my limbs.

Any suggestions? Should I have watched the gruesome stuff?