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what r some good Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games??

i was messing with this one called Fairyland online but it was way too difficult to do stuff.

any info or opinions?

i tried to dl fairyland, but it would never work.

Ummm…ragnarok, but you will have to join a private server unless you wanna pay everymonth to get on a public one.<-----for the private server version. (might need to translate it) I used to play and I’m gonna start again soon.

Theres Kings of Chaos, which says its mmorpg but its textbased.

FinalFantasyXI is like 12 bucks a month, and it starts you off with one chara, and you have to buy new characters for a dollar(doesnt add on to monthly cost, it just a 1 dollar fee)

Diablo2 (not really considered a mmorpg because only 8 people can be in a room at once) is fun as hell. I got sick of playing it after about a year and a half.

I’m playing a MMORPG called MUME (Multi Users of Middle Earth) at the moment. It’s free to play and can be downloaded from the net. (

It’s a MUD(text-based game, no graphics) where the action takes place in tolkien’s middle earth. Very addictive. Plus, the game is being updated all the time. The game requires quite a bit of thinking, so be warned!

edit: now that I think about it, it’s probably a MORPG without the first letter. It only has a few thousand players… i know its a bit late, but ive been playing this a fair bit. Free to download, 500mb. Free to play and really fun.

I’m eagerly waiting for World of Warcraft. That game will be so great. I’m even in a clan and the game is still in beta hhehe. The site is: or blizzard’s site (creators of the game)

I’m also gonna try city of heroes. Seemsalso great, and very different than the normal fantasy time game.

MMORPGS = heroin + cocaine

stay away from them, nothing but wasted money and time, and huge frustrations.

The bad far outweighs the good… when you freak out over not being able to get to your corpse and stay on for 12+ hours and lose 3-4 levels and want to kill someone, things aren’t good.

That’s the MMORPG reality, more or less…

(coming from an ex UO/EQ/AO/AC/Planetside junky)

I still have dreams, typically bad ones, of UO and EQ.

Seems like you had a very bad MMORPG experience Holy_reality. UO used to be very good if you were roleplaying, and everquest is just… bad. Personnaly I don’t play seriously so its allright. (I need to remember its a game, and who cares if im not U83R 1337)

Personally I think it is absurd to charge you $50.00 dollars to buy a game and then charge you x dollars per month for the privilege of playing it !!! May be it’s just me but does anyone else find this obscene ??? Despite my outrage I was going to buy everquest because it looked like a good game but my friend tried it and had nothing but problems. I decided not to try it given my friends experience.

-life :user:

yea im currnetly awaiting the release of the Matrix online(MxO). it looks to be pretty cool and i cant wait til its released, im a total Matrix junkie and love everything Matrix. im sure i will absolutly love it, but others may not. check it out: .

There are a bunch of good ones out and on the way.

Lineage II
Final Fantasy XI
World of Warcraft
Starwars Online
Fable (looks like the best one ever made from what I have seen)

Some good classic ones:

Ultima Online
Anarchy Online
Diablo 1 & 2 (a lot of people disagree, but this I think this is a MMORPG)

Tibia was the first graphical RPG for me. But it get too annoying in certain point (i hate random PK-ing, but it was still ok, until there was some major change and monster were made even more stronger - i think i’m too lazy to play RPG from top of my lungs), so i quit it long time ago.

Then i tried out Runescape what is pretty OK, but as i “forgot” it for few months my account was probably deleted and i didn’t bothered to start from zero again.

ATM i’m playing Wyvern. Pretty easy (you can actually use shortcut to log out quickly when a monster is too strong for you to survive) and PK is possible only in certain places. Also you dont lose stuff when being killed (only XP-s). But there are only averagely 80 players or so online all the time. But at least it keeps it from being too crowded and gives more chances to enter into places where monsters have been reset to alive again.

Diablo 2 hijacked my life for about a year… I literally had to tell my friend to hide it from me, because I’d uninstall it, and then reinstall it a day later.

lol Runescape. the first time i heard of that game i read about it and thought it was called Run Escape. i thought it was such a dumb name for a game that i never bothered to play it. then about 3 months ago some kid in my computer applications class was playing it and i was like “wtf is that outdated pos?” and he says " dude its RuneScape" and im sitting here thinking ‘RuneScape, where have i heard that? oh yea! RunEscape duh.’ after having realized what it was really called i never bothered to play cuz it was so outdated. but then again oldskool games still kickass rite?