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about everyone has one of those these days. they’re getting smarter by the day. at some point, i’m sure, most of them will be smarter than their owners. it’s a silent revolution — while we naïvely look over our shoulders for sentient humanoid robots, mobile phones are slowly taking over our lives. but what the hell am i talking about! what i had in mind was to post a topic where you could tell us what brand and model do you have, and how do you like it, much like that recently popular “what is your favourite browser?” thread.

a’ight, i’ll start! for a while now, i’ve been using a nokia 2310. if you haven’t seen it, the 2310 looks like a tech-toy-meets-electric-razorblade breed. what can i say? it works, it’s cheap, i’m cheap, it comes with an fm radio player — one among the few extras that i’d actually pay for. i like it, but quite honestly, its lack of personality (much like anything nokia’s) made it extremelly dull over time. i made an effort, i swear, i called it Tavares and set its menus to spanish, but in spite of all my best effort, it was still boring as nokia.

now i’ve had it for three years, and i’m looking around for what to get.

I have aaaaaaaa, erm, Sony Ericsson W220 or something…

I’ve not had it long, but I really like it… It’s brilliant for music and media, and there’s tons of room as there is a 128MB memory stick on it as well, so you can not only store stuff on your phone but on the stick as well…
On the downside, if you don’t use it a lot, then the battery life gets a bit mucked up.

Overall, it’s much better than my previous Motorola erm… thinks v22o or something…

Ahahahaha. 3 years old? I laugh at thee. Mine is 8 years old, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s so old that it’s a conversation piece.



whips out cell

“Whoa! That thing is ANCIENT! Lemme see!”

And, if I’m feeling nasty, I can throw it at somebodies head and put them into a coma.

/me is posting this from her iPhone :grin:

I have an LG Chocolate, and I hate the piece of trash with a passion.

First one I got the screen broke overnight and so I got it replaced.

The replacement’s vibrate mode first stopped working. Then my earpiece stopped working so now I can’t hear anything when I try to talk to someone on it. But wait, speakerphone still worked! Oh, but shortly after the speakerphone button stopped working. So at this point it’s only good for text messaging.

Each of them broke within a year of use. Do NOT get an LG Chocolate.

It will ruin your life.

Tundra, the battery life on Sony Ericsson goes down with time no matter if it is used or not…mine are usually close to useless after a year.

/me has a k810i. It is my camera, portable internet device, watch and alarm clock.

I currently have the Samsung a670, which I discovered is four years old, after googling it. I used to have the Samsung U410, a much more recent model. Yes… those were the good old days when I didn’t have to fight my phone. Alas, that was before I jumped into a pool with it. Now I have a rather frustrating phone. But eh, it’s a phone.

Uh, it’s a blue Track Phone that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Samsung U70 something…

It’s good for texting, and i can call people wirelessly so that’s all i really need eh?




W910i Walkman.

And tbh, its got too much on it so its a ;little slow.

And has a useless shake function on it?

Ah, technologies so good until it stops working.

I have the Motorizr Z3. Umm Its got a camera, bluetooth, music stuff. Its also got a memory chip or something so i can have more music on it. And the one i have is like a dark blue. Its a really good phone :mrgreen:
But the only bad thing is the battery goes down fast if you use it alot and the middle button thing and the thing around it fall off easily. The middle button (is it the menu button idk?) fell of on mine and i dont even kno where it went so i cant fix it.

THIS, my friends, is a MOBILE PHONE!

NOT those friggin PDA’s to mobiles!

I did use a Nokia 5110, but I was given a Sony Ericsson k608i for free, so I use that instead, mainly because of the weight. As far as I’m aware, the 5110 still works, but the account has probably expired. I can still play snake though :slight_smile:

Yes, I have one mobilephone with blackwhite screen :razz: That crap does work as it shall :razz:
And thats it :puh:

i have a samsung sch-r450 and i love it…but i cant find apps for it any where it duzent have java so there gose every thing…i want and irc client for it and i dont want to use a wap client…any one know where i can find a brew irc client and or outher brew apps?

A quick search on the phone makes me think that it’s not a “Smartphone” that have an OS such as Symbian or WinMo wich pretty much eliminates any chances that you’ll find a non-java based IRC client.

As for me and my current phone…i got an SE M600i and it’s still following me around, it got a few emulators to provide me whit some games and it got a basic media player…all i really need. I never missed the fact that it doesn’t have a camera so i’m more or less satisfied whit it.
But it’s over two years old by now and i think the battery is going to wave a white flag to me whitin a few months so i’m going to replace the phone by next summer.

  • Tywald

I want a cool phoe for musc and camera…
Not like i’d really talk with it…But i got a Vodafone dunno what type that’s only for speaking…
But my friend’s dad is a politician,and he has many,many phones,very good ones,but he says they’re crap…He has a new Touch Phone now…
I say cell phones are kind of overrated.

I don’t have a cell phone, nor do I want one…
and even when I do get one…
It’ll be cheap one. :grin:

Someone mentioned Nokia 5110. I used it for years (actually i got 2 of them), and i still have one with a new battery somewhere. This phone belongs to the era where mobile phones were meant for making phone calls.

But then we got into era where mobile phones are everything except for making phone calls. Seems to me that those people are right who say, that those new models (with mp3-s, cameras, etc etc) are actually not as good in phoning quality as the old ones used to be, because i got Nokia 6125 for 2,5 years already, and it sometimes fails to fulfill it’s primary purpose.

Still, i don’t complain much about it. It’s good for surfing web in lunch-times, etc. I only wish sometimes that it might had larger screen, and text editor (yes, i like to read e-books). Well, i got mp3-player as a present year ago, so it somehow compensates the reading function, as i can read text files from it.