Months no LD

Its been months and no LD, I’ve done almost everything :sad:
WILD, MILD, WBTB, A week of DJ, reality checks.

Nothing :sad:

Just a week of DJ? And I suppose you started with WILD?

Has anything changed in your lifestyle? Are you eating differently or perhaps under more stress than usual? Have you been drinking more alcohol? (that kills my dreams for sure).

I went with WILD last.
No eating differently, stress no, and no alcohol I don’t drink

classes? I usually have good dream recall, but when I have to get up early it drops to zero… and, well, no dreams, no LD’s… :sad:

I only have success on weekends now…

otherwise… I don’t know, maybe try giving it a break? try not to think much about dreams for a few days… perhaps just a couple “Next time I dream I will remember to notice I’m dreaming” before bed and then just forget about it and go to sleep…

Try just concentrating one one thing. Like just really try hard in doing lots of Reality checks. Try doing them while you’re doing something natural, like opening a door, or looking out a window. You need to have the built in insinct to do it so that you even do it in a dream. It takes time, but if you can keep it up, Lucid dreams are up your street very easily. Remembering dreams is also important, but not AS in important, Since when you have a ld, 9 times out of 10 you do wake up, so you can remember it then.

Well, I didn’t keep DJ for long because I know I have decent recall, I can normally remember the big parts of 3 dreams. I don’t have time to write them all down in the morning so I didn’t want to do it for a long time.

But thanks guys, I think I’ll just stick with reality checks, and take a break.

DJ = Most important thing for LDs! :yes:
You shouldn’t just do it for 1 week!

OMG I almost got a LD 10 minutes ago, I realised I dreaming out of no where without reality checks like last time, but again it all blacked out and then I tried spinning around but I couldn’t see anything to know I was spinning, I tried feeling for stuff- nothing, tried saying I’m LDing etc- nothing.

then I was out of it.
But at least I knew of I was dreaming! :happy:

Well that’s an LD!
My first one lasted less than 10 seconds. I got my second very recently. The moment I became lucid, everything started getting hazy. I started rubbing my hands together, and what do you know? That LD probably lasted more than a minute!
So next time you’re lucid, just start rubbing your hands together and focus on the feeling. I prefer this to the spinning method (although I’ve never tried it :shy: ). I just think spinning would make everything fade out or it would become a ND.

But as soon as I knew I was dreaming, I almost immediately woke up, I guess thats also because I knew I was dreaming because I felt myself fall asleep, like its hard to explain but I was thinking bout something and then I fell a sleep. In my dream I was like ‘wtf, whats this? OH IM DREAMING!’ boom wake up