Mood Swings

Everybody who has been into lucid dreaming has found that motivation is inconstant and varies from day to day, week to week, month to month, which can sometimes lead to dry spells. But I have this in extremes, so that one week I’ve been very motivated, the next I was completely unmotivated (I’m bipolar). Obviously, a week is not enough to achieve anything with regards to lucid dreaming, nor, usually, is a month, but all I’ve tried in that week or month becomes altogether undone the next. What can I do about this?

Try thinking about what you want to do in an LD and how fun it would be. Also try imagining yourself in an LD before bed. This should increase your motivation.

i often have the same problem but then i read about other peoples LD’s and want it even more. try that

Thanks, those are probably the best suggestions. Also, someone recommended I use dream incubation which is quite similar.

The only problem with that would be to visualize an LD vividly so that I can strive towards it — any hints as for that? One hint someone gave me is to imagine all senses, not just sight. Since all senses are connected on some level, imagining sensations of several senses would supposedly increase the vividness of all other senses too.

I can relate to this. Right now I feel very motivated, as I am on this forum. However tomorrow, I might think, “a lucid dream, whatever I got stuff to do”.

Just keep reading to keep yourself motivated. Sometimes i get busy, or I party to hard to worry about LDs, but when I start reading about them again the next day, I get completely into them again. Hope it works for you!

yea union7’s got the idea

I read a lucid dream journal that once but was sorely disappointed how boring they were… I guess it depends from person to person how interesting they are.

Anyone know a topic where really interesting lucid dreams can be found?

Well, it pretty much depends on what you find interesting: If you like people who explore themselves during lucid dreaming, keep an eye out for anyone who performs OBEs or Astral Projection. If you want to see some teeny adventuring, you might want to have a look at Wyvren’s or Writerscube’s DJs

Thanks, I’ll do that. Any nice examples of the former you can think of, people who explore themselves in lucid dreaming, that is?