Morals in dreams

trigpoe, you bad speeling amaze even me.
“too heavy for him to lift” not “to heavey” and so on. ^.^

"Now… lol, I don’t know why or how, but I’m getting nastier and nastier in my LD’s.

Come on, join our club"- I guess I should take advantage of the opportunity. I join in murderous and destructive ways of ld. ^.^ okay?

^.^ and here I was to think this topic was dead yes yes?

Once I remember in an ND somebody was attacking me and I suddenly became Phoenix (from X-Men) and well… I blew him away…

In another ND lots of bad spheres were bombarding me and I said a prayer to God and they disappeared into nothing. It felt realistic.

The problem with the “Could God…” problems is that they’re not real problems. More than anything, they’re just plays on words. The essence of a “Could God” problem is “Could God do something and not do it.” Or “Could God be God and Not-God at the same time.” They really don’t make sense… but it would still be fun to play with them in an LD. :wink:

Are you saying that you can be held responsible for LD actions? :eh:

And is having deeply engrained ethics a good thing? My view on ethics is that they should not be so engrained that you don’t question them. The question is - do my ethics serve me, Who am I and Who I Choose To Be?

2c. :smile:

nice one sage, i suppose in your LD world your ethics serve you but in real life if you do not follow ethics you end up in trouble

I say we should just put an end to the paranoid illusion of morals n ethics :content:

I agree with ethics in dreams being “unnecessary.” As far as IRL, you should still choose the ethics that serve you… you just have to be careful that your moral freedom doesn’t violate someone else’s or the laws of society (or that you don’t get caught.) :wink:

I didn’t say that I didn’t question them. It would mean that my decision to follow them was strong enough to carry through to a dream situation. Therefore they would have a firm base in my character. Everyone chooses who they are and who they choose to be …that’s life
I believe you can be held responsible for LD actions but it would depend on your LD ability, your intentions and your religious convictions. :wiske:

For instance you might be semi-lucid or whatever we call it, where you know you’re dreaming but you’re not thinking properly (not fully awake perhaps) and you do some actions without thinking as in a normal dream (ND).
I don’t think you would then be responsible.

I have found that I my ethics do sometimes show themselves in my NDs. I am a veggie, and I once cried when I was served a steak in my dream :cry: . Also I met this gorgeous guy (as you do!) in a ND, who liked me very much. Unfortunately, I recalled that I was married and I turned him down.

My lucid self is freer, but I have never tried killing anyone else or hurting them - it just doesn’t appeal to me. I do seem to loose a lot of ties to the world in LDs and I no longer feel constrained to ‘act properly’. I don’t know if others feel the same, but rules no longer seem to matter, because I know my actions cannot do anyone any harm - it is all in my head.

I decided to add an example of what I mean by this: On Saturday, I had this lucid dream where I was in control to some degree. I pictured myself on the edge of a mine and decided to throw myself into it. (My subconscious had made an excuse that I was about to be captured by some evil people and this was my only way out - which I knew wasn’t real). I made a fully lucid decision to jump in ‘so that I would not be caught’. IRL suicide is something which I believe is morally wrong chiefly because of the hurt and misery it causes to those ‘left behind’.

my innocent opinion…
is that you are your true morals… without the constraints of other peoples…

i figure that because there is no social restraints i can do anything without worrying about my ethics or morals, i do things like push strangers over and try to kick people i dislike in the head…but there is sum stuff like crazy assd murder i wouldnt attempt…because its wrong.

Exactly. Morals and ethics is meant for inter-person relations. A dream does only involve you and your unconscious so there are no reasons for it.

I have not wished to do something immoral yet in an LD. But in my ND’s i do bad things quite often. Anything from shoplifting to assaulting and raping innocent DC’s. I still feel guilt afterwards in the dream.

Just a reminder, remember that guy who posted that he had used an analog clock (with hands) to do an RC? I don’t know how he managed, but somehow he was awake and thought he was dreaming. He asked a random girl in the library to give him a blowjob. Something to think about before you start chopping down people with the kitchen knife in your dream :smile:

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woah at story about blowjob watch dude!!! imagine that!!!

had a look in an old dream diary today-saw a ld where i had tried to shoot these random dcs with ble light from my fingers, didnt work…maybee it didnt work because of my morals-what if i had blowen those people apart-not sure how i would feel about that?
but cause i couldnt shoot them i ended up pushing one of them into the rest so they fell over like dominoes-much more fun.

If I was going to go on a rampage, I’m going to do it with something a mite more powerful than a kitchen knife.

…say a rail gun or a two-handed semi-automatic gamma ray projector. :good:

I strongly belive in exercising some kind of morals in my dreams. Otherwise I’m attacked by “dream police” - a force that tries to bust me for killing people, robbery and so on :tongue:

And it ruins a lot of my normal and lucid dreams :cry:

In an LD, the dream police came after me for trying to go through a mirror. I imagined up a set of uzi’s and shot at them, but I forgot to give the guns bullets!

Morals dont really effect my dreams. They dont really effect me IRL that much either. I dont do drugs, but I do drink and I have never been drunk in a dream (that i can remember atleast). My plan in my next LD is to go hunting for my old french teacher (who is from france) through the school.

This is ridiculous - if I make a computer in the dream world, I expect it to haev all the right pieces. Why not with an uzi?

You should be punishing your subconcious. :devil:

Where is that post? I couldn’t find it. Can you post a link?

oh my sub-c has been more than punished. lol

Next time it will be more simple. a sword.

Its kind of like that saying “be careful what you wish for.” Ill end up thinking “sword in my hands now” and it will be made of rubber. :sad: I guess sometimes you have to define all of the details of the object you are creating.