Morals in dreams

I am just curious, as I have never had an LD myself, whether your ethics prevent you from doing things in dreams, it seems like in the dreamscape there would be a much more rigid structure regarding morals.

When you’re lucid, you can basically take your morals and throw them out the window. You can literally do anything (or anyone :wink: ) you want. There are no rules, there is no one to judge you, you can simply be yourself and have fun. There are also no consequences: go on a killing rampage, smoke a few pounds of weed, whatever suits your fancy. :smile:

believe it or not when i was 19 i had my second wet dream - it was caused by going on a killing rampage. i would have prefered a sex dream but hey the killing was good too. (dunno what that says for my mental state though) :eek: :red:

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Sounds like a game of Army men Insane Goth, lay down and blow the hell outta them :bored:
Yes as you can see from Insane Goths example it’s your world in your dreams and you can do as you please!

Yeah, it’s no problem at all. There’s no consequences beyond the dream, and no reason why you shouldn’t do bad stuff. Murder. Sex. Violence. Torture. Theft. Etc. It’s all good. I really wanna call up this guy from schul and beat the shit out of him in my next LD. Although, I’m not sure if talking to him etc. wouldn’t do me more good. It might be a bit more constructive I suppose, but not as stress-relieving.

I don’t know if your not really affecting anyone.

I had a dream a few days ago.My sister was in it and using me so she take out her revenge on a friend she was in an argument with a couple days before that.Right in the middle of my dream I gain lucidity and started shouting at my sister because of what she did.She then told me that I couldn’t do anything about it because she wouldn’t even remember what she did by morning. :grrr:

I can’t really say whether or not that it was really my sister that did that,but if you’re out to get revenge on a person don’t use shared dreaming(if you believe in it),just in case.


When I have a decent LD i’m going to do everything I can’t do now. (which, with parents like mine, is everything. Much worse than normal parents). So this is the thread I was looking for! and I am glad to see how everyone is responding :devil:.

well, have some fun ld’s everyone!


Ha ha ha ha, for me enthics are still important in my dreams. I still experiment though… I do some stress-venting and anger-venting timeout in my LD’s yes… but I never have done any serious sex in my dream. The closest thing I had was hugging. Everytime I was about to kiss, I wake up. :tongue:

I even tried to do some mm next-level sex, but I never could be successful because I kept on thinking that it hurts my enthics. I believe in enthics strongly so it affects my dreams in many way.

However, when I get really frustrated or angry… I take it in my LD’s sometimes. You should have seen me in my LD’s sometimes lol! Usually when I do that… I’d be like that face… :cry: then I wake up feeling all better. :biggrin:

I am aware that there are no consquences for being bad in dream, but still I feel guilty about it. :shrug: I’m making my progress here. :wink: I started using dream drugs to experiment with… so I’m not as exactly as good person as I used to be in my dreams. :content:

When I have my first LD…I will probably do something…horribly…oh wait - I will likely wake up in 2 seconds in excitement. :open_mouth:

Who knows what the MIMIC would do in controlled dreams
First Id fly, then id fly melting buildings and melting annoying people, then id probably do some uhh ;O

Say, DM7, you can’t do drugs in a dream unless you’ve done them before! Otherwise you wouldn’t know what the effect would be! :wink:
So my inference is…

Ah well, I haven’t had a chance to get caught by the lucid police yet. Well, except for reckless flying and smacking someone accidentally while flying. After the smack I felt bad because he was sleeping in a tree, and I both woke him up and knocked him out :tongue: So yeah, I have morals (so far) in my lucid dreams. Not to say my normal dreams. I was shoplifting Pringles at K-mart in one of them :nodnodwinkwink: was pretty stupid


I’m a bad girl? :smile::neutral::sad::crying::cry:

You probably won’t believe me, but I never tried out any type of drugs IRL except these from doctor for health purpose. The strongest drug I ever tried is caffienee found in soda and chocolate. :content: I’m serious.

I heard that effects in dreams can be quite real even though I never tried any actual drugs before. :cool:

It’s quite fun to experiment with dream drugs. Try it. :content:

I feel compeled to meantion that in the above post i was refering to an ND not a LD lol,.

:eh: DM7 the dream druggie lol, if i had regular LDs instead of totally random i would try that (what does DM7 mean?)

I’ve never been too bound by morals really, so in dreams it’s probably no surprise that i have none at all.

Whoa, a whole rainbow of emotions!! :happy:

So you can do drugs in LDs without experience!
(Good for me, I’ve never done stuff in RL before…Salvia D addicts… mutter mutter)

Caffeine doesn’t seem to have an effect on me. Oh caffiene’s not the max for me. I ate a whole bunch of chocolates that (I didn’t know) had wine in them a long time ago. I got a headache and very sleepy. Later my aunt caught me eating them (ate a lot…) and jumped. :grin:

Good girl. Real good girl.
:cry: :sad: :eh: :neutral: :bored: :content: :smile: :happy: :cool_laugh: :grin:
My rainbow has more colors!

Hey: I just noticed I have the ability to delete my posts! Why is this…

I just realized… you were sexually stimulated by killing? :eh:

DM7 means DreamMaster7 :content: A shortcut and plus when I registered here, I was too lazy to type full nickname. Hehehe.

Yes, you can do drugs in your dreams without any experiences IRL. Before I was totally intolerance to caffiene, but right now I can eat a mild amount of caffiene. I get withdrawals already from it. :tongue: My body is very sensitive to chemicals/drugs anyways. Right now, my body is used to mild amount so I don’t go out of hay like I used to. :content:


I didn’t mean to do rainbow emoticons. :content: It’s cool eh? I love yours infection0. Hehehe.


Umm that’s really interesting, I just noticed that too… looks around Umm, that’s strange. :wink: Lol at infection0 :peek:

It does make a big difference…in a ND you can’t be held responsible for your actions. But when you manage to keep to your normal ethics and say no, it makes you feel good that they are deeply ingrained. On the other hand you have to admit that you actually enjoyed “being naughty” in some dreams. :eh:

We all have the ability to delete our posts, until someone replies after ours.

SCary aint it :wink:

Sure you can! :smile: I doubt it would be the same experience though, but it sure gives you a very strange experience even though you have never done drugs in real life.

am I only one whose morals keep me from doing certain things in most of my lds?

I only blow things up, not people. And the stuff doesnt even blow up. -_-

Hehehe I used to be that person… I couldn’t even hurt a fly in my dream. :biggrin:

Now… lol, I don’t know why or how, but I’m getting nastier and nastier in my LD’s. :tongue:

Come on, join our club! :content:

Morals don’t belong in dreams. It’s an opportunity to do things you otherwise can’t! Go wild, destroy things, tortu… er… yell at people you don’t like! It’s fun.

Let’s just say if shared dreaming does exist, I’ve made a lot of enemies.