More lucid.

Long time no see…I have been so busy with football that i had forgotten about this place. hello again! I hope that i can come back on more… anyway.

Yesterday i probably did only to RC’s which were the nose RC’s. But before i went to bed i watched a video on how to LD for fun. Cause i hadn’t done it in a while. And i woke up at 5 on accident. But i fell back to sleep and all of a sudden i tried to breath through my closed nose and could do it. I tried to kiss girls but they wouldnt let me. But the LD was a pretty long one, it seemed like it lasted an hour plus before my alarm woke me up. Pretty fun. But here was another dream where i felt like i didn’t have full control and my dream played out by itself

Oh and right when i woke up i recalled the whole dream. like RIGHT when i woke up i remembered everything so i’m off to another good start

Congrats Rhett! :content: Remember to keep your DJ updated, being it on paper or on computer, so you will keep your motivation to LD up and running :wink:
Good luck with your next attempts! ^^