More people than we think know about LDing

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ok i was on face book and i told 2 of my freinds about lding… one was like " dud thats just a normal dream whats the point of dreaming if you don’t know you are dreaming"… then i spent like 10 min on the phone with him telling him the diffrence one of the things he said was " ok one of the things i dream about is being a rock star and playing in front of people…if i want to go to my house after the concert i do … turns out he has an ld LIKE EVERY FRIKIN NIGHT and he did not even know what it was.( he is so lucky)

then the other freind just said" dud i’ve been doing that since i was 5… be carfull they say you can lose sleep over it"

so i think that ther is a good amount of people that can do it but just dont know the term lucid dreaming.and they dont know the potintial (memories, controling the ld)

Rofl! =D

You will get there soon, keep on working at it. yes some people tend to start when they are younger, like 8 maybe. They get used to it and that is whats normal to them.

It seems like it, but the people around me just doesn’t believe it can be done except for a few I know.

I’ve talked to a few friends of mine who know about LD. It seems to be picking up pace.

I have told my friends over the internet about LD-ing, most didn’t know about that it was possible. Some have tried to no success. One had had an LD when he was little.