More possible to die in ND over LD?

We’re all familiar with newbies and even some more experienced members creating threads about “is it possible to die in an LD?” Well why don’t people question the possibilty of dying in a normal dream? Look at the comparisons here:

-Convinced the scenario is real.

-Know that the scenario is a dream, and that you can wake up at anytime and that nothing can hurt you.

Now when you look at it like that, why do people always think that an LD is the more likely scenario to die in RL from? In an LD, possibly the worst dying could do is put you into an ND (ie unconsciousness) with no control. In an ND you’re already unconscious, dying in the dream most certainly isn’t going to make you conscious fo your scenario either.

Now this is my opinion, that you cannot die in either a dream or a lucid dream. You control your fate in an LD, and in an ND, when things get too heated, your brain will wake you up.

Thoughts on this anyone?

Well, maybe that in a LD you can controll your mind and make more extreme things then you can make in a ND, making the possibilty that you can kill your mind bigger then in a ND. Get what Im saying?
You can controll your actions and let go of the barriers that may exist in your mind during a ND that makes it impossible to die IRL.

I think that you can die from an LD if you really wanted to.
You could learn how to enter deep meditation adn stop your heart or the signals to the brain or something like that, but if you succeded, how would be able to tell anyone, since you are dead? ;>
But if you could lower your heartbeat, like some people can, why wouldnt you be able to stop it completely?

Yes, I believe about the stopping yoru heartbeat etc deliberately in an LD, but I’m talking accidental. Like falling from a great height during flying from example.

interesting point…I think it is impossible to accidently die, but as said by someone else I read a book called walkabout where an aboriginal boy leads an english boy and girl through the bush - he wills himself to die because the girl gives him a dirty look because he’s naked and hes convinced she saw death in him…like that

IMO- there is no evidence to support the theory that you can scare yourself to death in a dream, intentionally kill yourself or harm yourself in any way in.

However, IMO there is plenty of evidence to suggests the opposite. You can find many reports of experienced lucid dreamers who have died in dreams many times over with no ill effects on their real bodies. You can find people on this forum who tried to commit suicide by killing themselves in their dreams. Since they were able to post their experiences they were obviously not successful.

This is a topic that often comes up from time to time and I am not sure what the benefit of it is. I would hate for new people who are already unsure about what to expect to read these myths. It adds unnecessary fears to people who are just starting out and there by reducing their chances for success. It makes lucid dreaming sound mystical rather than something that is perfectly natural.

Just my thoughts on the issue. :smile:

To make a long story short, you cannot die in a dream. End of story, thread closed, ey? :tongue:

I agree you cannot die in a Dream, lucid or not. I do believe, however, that in a Lucid Dream you can enter so far into the sub-conscious that you can be put into a coma. But that’s difficult and can only be done purposely.

but what if the dream influences your heart rate or your breathing or something? is that possible? this morning I had a really weird dream where i was being chased by these people and I was really scared I woke up and my heart was beating so fast it hurt! so what if someone had a dream that caused them to have a heart attack or something…would that count as dying in a dream?

How fast does your heart have to beat to get a heart attack? :razz:

This was discussed in an Intro thread, “disadvantages of lucid dreaming?” or similar title.

many people who die of natural causes die in their sleep. it would be curious as to whether they were dreaming or what they were dreaming about.

you cannot die in a dream or die because of it, but u may die coincidentally while dreaming.

Gregorian, that’s a cheerful thought. :razz: Hope they weren’t having a nightmare. But now you’ve got me wondering. I’d say what cycle (REM or Non REM) they were in is random. They could easily be in REM or Non REM. Depends what time they went to sleep and what time they died.

r3mot: You can get a heart attack while dreaming? Surely you’d wake up BEFORE it happens?