More Questions

[First here is the journal entry]
I don’t remember what caused me to gain lucidity but when I realized I was dreaming I said “Here we go.” I instantly went off to have fun. When I gained lucidity I was in my grandmother’s home but and I wanted an apple so I tried making an apple appear. I wasn’t really sure what to do so I just closed my eyes and visualized the apple and thought about the taste (I didn’t want a weird tasting apple) I opened my eyes and to my amazement there was an apple on the table. I grabbed it and took a huge bite and wouldn’t you know it THERE WAS A WORM IN MY APPLE!!! :grrr: This worm was very toony. It had a face and it was whistling a tune. I closed my eyes and tried again. When I opened this time, I found my self on a train (with no apple of course) I said “Oh well” and practically destroyed the train wall out of anger from not being able to open the window. Once that was done I jumped out to try to fly. I’m not sure why but when I blinked I ended up teleporting to my home town. At this point I wanted to do some experimentation. I decided to try and create a handheld dream clock (Yep I was reading WritersCube’s DJ as I do every night before bed :shy: ) I decided to make it a toy that I remembered playing with as a child. It was an adding and subtracting thing with two spinning cogs that had numbers on them. When you clicked the button it would tell you the answer. Well it was quite different from what I was trying to make when I made it. It had a touch screen with a nice and cool layout on it. It had a scanner, x-ray camera, and a music player. After that failure I tried again. This one came out the same except it also had a time tab. I pressed the time and the guys voice from the toy said “Choose the time in which you want to dream.” So I turned the cogs to say 60 mins and pressed the button. Then the voice said “Choose the real life time that you will be dreaming.” I turned the cogs to say 20 mins and pressed the button. Nothing happened except I had a false awakening. When I falsely awoke I went into the kitchen to find my neighbor eating pie. at the dinner table. I knew this was out of place so I pushed my finger through my palm. At first my finger was just resting on my palm then it just pushed right through. It felt like my finger was between the capitate and scaphoid bone in my hand and it actually hurt. I pushed my finger back into my hand, not as a reality check but to weird out my friend. I turned to him and pulled my finger out of my hand and he asked “When did you learn how to do that?” So I answered “When I realized that this was a dream and since your not real.” He then went silent with a confused look on his face.
[This was about an hour and a half of a dream.]

Now this brought up some questions for anyone.

  1. How do I make things create the way I want them to?
  2. How do I stop from teleporting everywhere?
  3. How do I successfully fly?
  4. Is that what the finger through the hand reality check supposed to feel like?
  5. Why do my dream characters always get silent and confused when I tell them they are not real.
  6. Are the LDs supposed to feel like an old memory such as trying to remember something you did as a child?

The first 3 can only really be done through practise, as with attaining lucidity it varies between people so there is no set way to achieve it, it you fully believe it will work then it will.

4.It will feel completely normal at the time, to me it was like my palm wasn’t even there, it just felt like air.

  1. I don’t know

  2. Sometimes, depends on how lucid you were and whether you lose into another dream or wake up from it.

So do you think if I made a list of goals and such that I might have a lucid dream faster than a month. I really don’t think that I want to wait another month before another one.

Hi, Smiley. For the first three questions, I would recommend reading the Dream Control Training guide. It’s very helpful as far as those three. The finger through your hand feels different for everyone, some people say it feels squishy while others feel nothing at all. I think your dream characters get silent because you’re pointing out to them that they are not real, therefore have nothing to say. I would probably go silent, too, if my maker told me that I was not real. :razz: I think most dreams end up feeling like old memories, but again that really changes from person to person. My own dreams always feel the same whether lucid or not.

Hope this was all helpful!

I think I can answer 3 since I fly in most of my LDs, personally I tried flying like birds at first i.e. flapping my arms like wings, try doing it on solid grounds before jumping off the roof of your house because that will feel safer (for me anyway)

Sometimes you feel like you cant fly , just relax and feel the lightness of yourself, then you will fly like a feather

hi i’m new here but i think i can help you.
here is what works for me:
1:Try to make DC’s create the object you want to use. For me it always works better.
For example about your apple try to ask someone to give you one it worked for me.
2:I would say stop blinking :smile:
3:I flew only once but i could go really high and fast. Here is what i did:
I ran on the ground and when i was fast enough, i looked up to see the sky and jumped, you have to really want it.
4:never did that RC
5:It happened to me too. I think that it’s because it’s not natural to be lucid so may be your brain doesn’t want you to realize that your dreaming.
I don’t remember who said that but i find it very true:
Dreams are the keepers of sleep.
6:From what i read, LD’s can’t feel really different from one to another.