More real than material

Has anyone experienced having 100x the sensetivity of the senses?
In the very first OOBE I had, my senses felt more real than when Im awake. Almost like Im a kid again, doing everything for the first time. I mean I could feel the sound coming up and out of my “throat” right from the thought of doing it.
But recently it has kinda become too real to comprehend. I find that Ill just go to the upstairs of my house, knowing that for certain I am out. I try to test and be certain that I am out by hitting the kitchen table with my hands. I end up hitting the table and making a loud noise, which startles my mom who asks what the hell I am doing. I become extremely confused, and sorta go right back to my body. The problem is, this happened to me 3 times this morning, that is 3 OOBE’s in a row. I coulda jammed with Jimi Hendrix for hours. Does anyone know any full proof meta reality checks for me to do?

From what ive heard(still studying this subject) looking in the mirror in a dream almost allways effects in something weird.
I personally float up to the ceiling or walk on it to be more sure.
But i never jump out of windows or high buildings cuz im usually afraid that my body can be sleepwalking along with me.
good luck.

thanx man, i kinda got it figured out now. it took a bit, but now i can just tell the difference between RL and my dream body. I kinda found that looking at my watch twice seems to do the trick if im uncertain. im positive walking on the ceiling would do the trick as well.